Monday, March 27, 2006

John (ForeSam) Best's Greatest Hits

Note: This post is about John Best Jr. from Hew Hampshire, owner of the Hating Autism blog, AKA Fore Sam. The name John Best is a fairly common name, evidently.

Let me introduce you to John Best Jr. I actually started blogging shortly after I stumbled upon his blog. I thought it was necessary to address the sort of nonsense he likes to spout. This guy, perhaps the most vocal representative of the other side of the debate, hates autism, autistics and other minorities. He loathes the neurodiversity ideology and at the same time is obviously obsessed by it. Whenever he is unable to refute an argument, he either (1) explains it away as coming from a brain damaged by mercury, (2) claims that it is all just part of a vast conspiracy led by the CDC, the government and the drug companies, or (3) claims that the person making the argument does not exist.

John will likely claim the following quotes are taken out of context. But believe me, there is no context that can explain these away. I'll just let his own words speak for themselves. Enjoy.

John on homosexuality...

- Some "brilliant" goofball coined the term "Homophobia" in a pathetic attempt to bring some small measure of respectability to a perversion. Fortunately for me, I grew up in an era when people were not subjected to public acceptance of sexual perversion. I never "stomped" a queer and I don't approve of that behavior. I also don't want to have to hear about this nonsense portrayed as anything near normalcy.
It has nothing to do with fear which means there is no phobia.

- You can use any term you want regarding homosexuality. I really don't care. I'd just like to see it back in the closet where it belongs along with wackos who want to send pictures of their groins to people.

- The insanity of agreeing with those who poisoned our kids goes hand in hand with stating that homosexuality is not a perversion. It just shows how screwed up all of you are.

- The normal people who find that stuff disgusting aren't homophobes. They're what sane people call normal.

- The Neurodiverse tribe seems to be in basic agreement that homosexuality is a difference that should be tolerated.

- Claiming homosexuality is not a perversion shows how out of touch you are, Kev. Acceptability doesn't make it normal.

John on women...

- You seem fairly intelligent for a girl but you've been misguided.

- I'd suggest sending a nice letter to shut the dumb broad up.

- Read this post again so you can understand why the dumb broad received an apology.

- I guess she's proud to say that she got a letter that, to me, said "Shut up and don't bother me, dumb broad".

- That's interesting. I always thought you were female. I guess you just write like a woman.

John on tolerance...

- When a kid is already dead mentally due to mercury poisoning, there is no choice. You either try to cure him or you torture everyone in your family with autism until the day arrives that the kid has to be sent away... If he dies young, I will rejoice for him that he has excaped the nightmare that was his life.

- Celebrate their differences, LOL. How many parents do you think are that stoned that they would buy into something so absurd?

- This nut thinks it is demeaning to autistic people to refer to them as train wrecks.

- "Train Wrecks" is not a slur on the person but a comment about the effects of mercury.

- Mr Rollens was accurate in his use of the term "Train Wreck".

- The "Train Wreck" comment did not offend a LOT of people. I don't think it offended anyone. The dumb broad just wanted to use it in her deranged quest to discredit those who help poisoned kids. It has nothing to do with respect, bonehead.

- Were you offended by the "Train Wreck" comment? Give me your address so I can send you a crying towel.

- Get that address to me soon. My wife bought too many bananas so I'll send some for your daughter when I send the crying towel.

- It doesn't matter to them that that "different wiring" will cost taxpayers in the neighborhood of $5 million per person for these people who will never be able to hold a job.

- This sort of Neurodiverse philosophy sounds eerily similar to the philosophy that begets welfare recipients.

- As for spending money on the military, you will change your tune in a hurry if some crazed muslim shows up at your front door with a bomb strapped to his torso.

- As to what I'll do if my son isn't cured by his teens, I probably won't have a choice in the matter. He may have to go away for his safety, the safety of my other kids and my wife.

- I almost forgot your "tossed in the trash" comment. How do you suggest society care for those who can not care for themselves?

- You're right, name calling doesn't help arguments but it does make me feel good.

- Having to resort to insults doesn't say much for your side of the debate.

- You can teach a monkey to do some of the things that ABA does but you can't ever teach the monkey to think. That's why some of these Asperger's adults can repeat the crap they swallow from neurodiversity but they can't figure out that neurodiversity is based on obsolete principles which makes the whole philosophy invalid.

- Any decent father teaches his sons how to fight. Otherwise, they might grow up to be pussies.

- Why don't you just hook up with one of the guys from AutAdvo and have your own kid? That psychobollox guy's divorced. Clay is single and he's old enough that he'll probably croak before you get sick of him. Then you might have an autistic kid and, if not, you can always shoot it up with thimerosal and change it into an autistic kid.

- I'll assume you consider my position to be one of bigotry. Nothing could be further from the truth.

John on freedom of expression...

- In the age of the internet where any wacko with a computer can publish lunacy, I suppose the wackos are more difficult to ignore than they were in the past when no decent newspaper would publish their drivel.

John's profound insights...

- Mr Ed wasn't autistic. Neither was Flipper. In fact, Flipper may have cured some autistic people. I once had a very affectionate cat so it couldn't have been autistic although it didn't talk much. I don't think Hornig's mice were autistic until after she gave them mercury and they became violent like "Hands" from Boston Legal. So, there goes your "all animals are autistic" theory.

- I'm guessing Rett's would've been called a birth defect or brain damage...
Autism could not have been called anything because, as Kanner told us, it didn't exist. It was something that had never been seen before.

- Since we didn't have any adult autistics until the 50's, I think we'd be fine without them. Maybe without them, we could start making good cars again.

- I'm just pointing out facts. If there was no diminished capacity, there would be no need for a label.

- If you can cure all autism without using any chelation, you'll convince me.

- The premiss that anyone is autistic to begin with is absurd since autism didn't exist until doctors started shooting mercury into us.

- There is no such thing as neurodiversity. There is only mercury poisoning.

- If you're right and lots of autistics were missed in 1992, then it must be true that autism is decreasing more than the Geier's could see. Or, it was rising faster than we thought in 1992. You're not claiming that we missed the "Train Wreck" types of autism, are you?

- Einstein was not autistic. Autism had not yet been invented when he was born.

- The whole world recognizes that autism is not a normal existence except for a few freaks from Neurodiversity. That makes it abnormal.

- [Geier's] training in genetics makes him the perfect man for the job. Autism isn't genetic and he knows that. You should listen to him.

- Actually, it's your reaction that looks silly. Most people never heard of VAERS. It makes sense that lawyers would know about it and file the reports.

- If you don't want to cure him, why do you bother discussing autism?

- If your uncle wasn't diagnosed until the 1960's, it was probably early Alzheimer's from the mercury he had accumulated.

- If [Temple Grandin] is such a genius at talking to animals, why isn't she at the racetrack talking to the horses and picking up some easy cash?

- I could grasp the science if I wanted to but I'd nuch rather grasp a golf club or a Racing Form. The Racing Form is more of an intellectual challenge.

- If there was more hype and every parent bothered to notify the CDC, the [VAERS] data might be accurate.

- Both [prevalence going up and prevalence going down] can be true.

John's version of reality...

- It is not really a Government within the Government but an organization of wealthy individuals who literally rule the world. This organization has a name but I can't remember what it is. I learned of it in school a long time ago. It is made up of people with names like Getty, Rockefeller, Kennedy, etc.. They decide what rotten things must take place for the good of the world as a whole. They are probably the ones who told China, years ago, to limit families to one child. They probably ordered up AIDS to cut down the homosexual population and the African population. They, most assuredly, allowed Bush to attack Iraq. Yes, this organization exists and it is made up of old money worldwide. Whatever they have done will always be conjecture since they don't advertise their projects.

- I don't believe for a second that Not Mercury is telling the truth and used to be one of us.

- I don't believe Maria Lujan is real, nor do I beleive Not Mercury is real. I think they are just identities that your side conjured up.

- Autism was invented in 1931 by Eli Lilly.

- Your placebo effect may have a point but it's mostly another futile attempt to expect parents to hurt their kids by letting them rot in the abyss.

- I have not lost an argument to any of you wack jobs.

- The Geier's are trying to help children.

- What you consider peer reviewed research is actually drug company propaganda that is reviewed by drug company shills who are engaged in a coverup. It's pure bullshit and you know it.

- The people who want to disprove the fact that thimerosal caused the autism epidemic went into the history books and dug up stuff that they claim was autism.

- Playing horses is much more of an intellectual challenge then playing the stock market and is also more profitable and more exciting.

- Chimps are not related to humans. Darwin was wrong.

- The money and politics are much more important than the science here.

- You call good science junk science and fail to realize that the junk you call good science is actually corrupt science. That is why the science can't give you the answer. The answer is in the politics so you have to follow the money.

- Science doesn't use the word "probably". Chemical reactions either take place or they don't. Good science says that methyl B-12 helps 90% of autistic kids by giving them that substance that mercury prevents their bodies from manufacturing. The kids prove what the science states.

- My son has emerged from the APPARENT vegetative state. If I had not used chelation, he would not have progressed.

- I wouldn't be surprised if neurodiversity was just a sham concocted by the drug companies to make it seem that sane people agreed with them.

- The fact that mercury caused the autism epidemic is old news and only those involved in the coverup and damage control are still trying to deny it.

- I don't think all of these ND's are real people. I don't think some of the others who write blogs are real pepople. There's just too much opposition to curing kids and that makes zero sense unless you're a high functioning autistic who doesn't know any better. For any parent to buy into this crap requires either abject stupidity or an ulterior motive.

- That's the facts. Zero autism in my state in 1993 among school age kids. It did not exist. 1,600 autistic kids in 2005.

John and his knowledge of autism...

- Since the only things proven to cause autism are mercury and fragile X and fragile X is extremely rare, I'll just stick with saying autism is mercury poisoning for simplicity.

- If autism has always been with us as some of you claim, it certainly was nothing like what kids today are presenting like.

- While some Asperger's people claim high IQ's and seem to do well in areas that only require ROTE learning, they are sorely lacking in the ability put two and two together.

- No person with autism could possibly write the pseudo-intellectual musings that come forth from the pens of this batch of lunatics.

- You have not proven there was any autism prior to 1931 and you have also not shown there was more than a few rare cases of autism in China.

- What we do know is that Kanner described autism as something that had NEVER been seen before in 1943.

- The only difference between a profoundly autistic kid and a normal kid is the inability to rid the body and brain of mercury. There is no "wiring".

- The ONLY thing genetic about autism, aside from fragile x, is an inability to get rid of mercury.

John on autism treatments...

- I don't have all the facts about Lupron and have not tried it myself. I'd like to know more about possible side effects. It seems that references to chemical castration are far-fetched since it is suggested that Lupron should only be used on kids who have not yet reached puberty.

- I don't think it would matter if you're studying treatments for autism and the size [of two inequivalent groups] is large enough.

John on proper medical procedure...

- I had him checked for genetics and that wasn't it. The improvement I have proves it's mercury.

- We just did what we were told by Easter Seals to start, play, occupational, physical and speech therapy, bled him with leeches and checked with a priest about an exorcism.

- I saw no need to test for mercury. The improvement from chelation was all the proof I needed.

- I didn't test him. I didn't bother with chelation challenge tests because I thought it was too much DMSA to give him at one time.

- I did use tests. I ruled out genetics.


  1. Joe;
    The only problem I have with this is that you did not include the fact that my "dumb broad" comments were solely directed at Kathleen Seidel. Of course, when taken out of context, the jokes I was making in response to what I consider nonsense don't show their true nature when left by themselves.
    It's also inaccurate to claim I hate autistic people. I'd like to see them all cured so they can enjoy their lives without that disability.

  2. Everyone knows who you were referring to. It doesn't matter that "dumb broad" was directed to specific women, and you obviously don't get that. I'm also aware that you have said something to the effect that "old women" should not be listened to. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that.

  3. Joe, I agree with almost everything in in your post, but I have to take exception with one phrase: you refer to him as perhaps the most vocal representative of the other side of the debate. I actually don't think he does represent the "other side". I think he's just a noisy loose cannon and a huge embarrassment to the people with whom he is supposedly aligned. No one in their right mind would ever consider themselves to be on John Best's side of any issue. I'll bet their fondest wish is that he just go away.

  4. It was in a comment from an anonymous poster:

    "Fore Sam (JBJr) you went on the Aspies for Freedom list and called Kathleen and Camille, both, "old women" and you asked them why those on the list were listening to "old women". You didn't offer any evidence that they were wrong, just that they were "old women" and there for not "smart" like you."

  5. Dave;
    Did Kathleen tell you to say that as some sort of psychological ploy to shut me up?
    There are all sorts of sane people who agree with me that helping our kids who were poisoned is a good idea. Whether they agree with the way I bash you who advocate letting these poor children rot, I just don't care. I have no beef with you people who don't want to help your kids. That's your business. But, when you open your mouths to bash those of us who do want to help our kids and you bash the decent doctors who try to help us, then you are entitled to all the abuse I feel like giving you. Shove your psychological ploys, Dave. Your not smart enough to shut me up.

  6. John: a psychological ploy? That would imply that I gave a crap what you think. No, I just say what I know to be true.

  7. Joe;
    If I think there's something wrong with having sex with goats, does that make me goataphobic or whatever the greek term for that is?

  8. Joseph, you missed the part where he suggested I hook up with one of the autistic men over on AutAdvo and have my own autistic child, rather than adopt one.

  9. John, bestiality is, of course, disgusting. But the applicable principle is consent. Animals don't consent. The same applies to other sexual behavior which is clearly wrong vs. homosexuality which is consensual. I'm not an expert on the philosophical issues involved, so if you want to debate this, you should go to a blog that addresses this specific issue.

  10. Jannalou, I found it. So it's not just autistics, homosexuals, women and muslims. We can add the elderly to the list.

  11. Ahh, I was wondering when someone would compile a "Worst of the Best" list, all in one place for easy reference, now in paperback.

    Thanks Joseph, even a made-up writes-like-a-woman like myself can enjoy these, in or out of context.

    John, you like cabron?

  12. Joe;
    Sex with animals is not disgusting to the people who engage in it. Who are you to judge them? You must be phobic of sex with animals. Are you sure you don't want to try it yourself? This makes just as much sense as your argument to me.

  13. I just explained to you that it's possible to draw a line between acceptable and unacceptable sexual behavior. But you fail to understand this as you fail to understand every single concept that is explained to you.

  14. I'm dying. This is hilarious. I keep thinking that I'm being tricked into believing this Andrew Dice Clay knockoff is just a character created for verbal jousting enjoyment.

    Rescue Angel indeed.

    Dave mentioned that Fore Sam is an embarrassment to Generation Rescue types. No, he's not. JB Handley has gone on record saying he (I'm paraphrasing here) appreciates the "work" Best does. Bestiality has never been admonished publicly by Handley. I can only imagine it's because Best makes JBH look tame by comparison.

  15. Thank you, Joe.

    Thanks John Best Jr., too for showing up here and confirming your personality in these comments.

    The thing is that the more John states that autism is just mercury poisoning and fragile X (whooo that's deep, what about Angelman's? and Tuberous Sclerosis?) the better his chances are of getting his big money if he decides to sue a big pharma.

    Every word he writes is like tossing pennys in a carnival trying to make one in the jar, only the words don't cost him as much. He's trying to influence the world so that the world (miseld judges and juries) will give him his big payoff so he can go gamble it on horses... or maybe it would all go to take care of his son... though it would seem that some would go on the horses...

    It's all gambling, well, that and being gratuitously offensive, which he does for fun. I think he's best ignored. He doesn't want the truth, doesn't want to know what it good and fine. He wants his little world of anger. He may be JB Handley's best buddy, but JB would rather he just shut up as far as public statements, no doubt.

  16. or maybe it would all go to take care of his son... though it would seem that some would go on the horses...

    Oh, some of it might go into the institution he's already planning to put his son in, unless he's magically turned into an NT by chelation.

  17. Joe;
    You drew the line at consent. Do you think the male donkeys in Tijuana that have sex with women are consenting? Does that make it acceptable?

  18. Diva;
    What you don't understand is that I've been advising parents about the benefits of chelation since long before I ever heard of Generation Rescue. I'll go on record here again that I'll be happy to resign from it if GR is unhappy with my comments. I can still advise parents about chelation whether I'm associated with GR or not. I also won't stop criticizing you wack jobs whose deranged mantra harms children. It's too bad you are too damn stupid to learn how to help your kid.

  19. O my God, I shouldn't have said that! Now they'll say I'm prejudiced against Divas. While you're adding that to the list, don't forget politicians and New York Yankees. Better not forget slow drivers. Yup, I hate them too. Slow golfers are even worse. I'd say I hate slow golfers worst of all, but not quite as much as I hate Muslim terrorists who kill innocent people which you wackos translate into all Muslims.
    But, I don't hate wack job psychologists who threaten to send me pictures of their groins. No, them I just laugh at.

  20. Oh, this is so confusing. Boyd Hayley says it's too late for all the older kids and adults. Are you saying that he's wrong??? I wonder if Body Hayley would agree with your advice, what is it? ALA? Thrice weekly? Would that be TD or oral, Dr. Best? And what if you give the wrong advice? Can the parents sue you? Gots malpractice insurance, Dr. Best? One can only hope so. Gambling with other people's children's health must give you a real rush.

  21. Diva;
    I'd give better odds for my son's chances of living a normal life with chelation than without it. Can you say the same about your kid without it? I think you should check with Andy Cutler. He's more knowledgeable about it than I am. Are you more knowledgeable than Dr Cutler? No, maybe you should listen to him.

  22. I have to wonder just what constitutes a normal life? I mean, does mine qualify? I have a full-time job that I love. I have great friends. I have a best friend, too. I am close with most of my family, particularly my mother and my youngest brother. I go to church every Sunday morning. I have pets. As of this weekend, I have a significant other.

    Cuz seriously, given the comments John made to me about exercising to not only lose weight but sweat out the mercury that caused my ADHD, I imagine that he thinks my life must be completely abnormal.

  23. Jannalou;
    You figured out you had ADHD as an adult. You take drugs to help with it. The fact that you have to take those drugs to manage the symptoms should tell you that you'd be better off cured and able to live without those drugs. You can't compare your affliction with low functioning autism, can you?

  24. John seems to be under the impression that without mercury in the world everyone's personalities and skills would be roughly the same, without anyone falling outside of the "normal" range.

  25. And frankly (maybe Jannalou will disagree but) the fact that drugs might help does not prove that you "suffer" from a condition. For example, students who are not ADHD are known to take Ritalin to improve their attention and do better in school.

  26. Joe;
    Some baseball players are known to take steroids to improve their performance. Some of them die young. Some people on ADHD drugs kill themselves. I think more people have killed themselves while on these drugs than have been killed in 60 years of using chelation.

  27. John has grown more disturbing of late. I recently stepped out of a thread due to the direction he was taking it.

    Just as here, John tried to equate what two adults do consentually with illegalities. The disturbing thing for me is that he quite obviously equated the sexual abuse of children, rape and beastiality with both hetero and homo sexuality. This is not very far removed from the sort of sexualisation of children that paedophiles attempt in order to 'justify' their actions, or that rapists use to 'justify' their actions.

    It shouldn't be necessary for anyone to have to explain to John that what happens between two consenting adults is not even close to being equatable with abuse. That he continues to pursue such a link is genuinely worrying. I wonder if the parents who invite him into their homes to spend time with them and their children know of his opinions?

  28. Kev, I went to that thread and I'm debating whether to put this in the list of quotes:

    You didn't say the sexuality had to be legal. At one time, homosexuality was illegal and still may be in some states. The guy from someplace like Finland who may want to have sex with a sheep probably thinks that should be legal. How is that different from gays who broke the laws? I think the gays are more perverse. At least the guy screwing a sheep is heterosexual.

    It seems way too disturbing to qualify though.

  29. Sure, ADHD isn't always fun. But I wouldn't say I "suffer" from it. I have my bad days - but so does everyone. In actual fact, the bad days aren't as bad for me now. It used to be that something like the incident that prompted this post would immediately trigger a severe depression that would last for days, if not weeks, and include suicidal thoughts. It now takes me a lot longer to get stressed enough to "lose it", and my frustration doesn't last more than an hour or so, tops.

    I don't pretend to compare my ADHD to "low-functioning" autism (whatever the hell that is). But I am absolutely qualified to talk about the problems caused by having a label that others tend to see as being something that is wrong with me.

    ADHD isn't an "affliction". Not all the time. Frankly, I quilte like having an overactive brain. It means my life is rarely boring.

  30. Jannalou;
    What if the ADD drugs are causing the suicidal thoughts? Is it time to think about trying ALA instead?

  31. John Best on Michelle Dawson:
    Join and check out
    John Best on who rules the world and the origin (and purpose?) of AIDS:
    lots there too on John Best on anti-psychotics (spiking his kid's ice cream with it etc...)

  32. Jypsy;
    How nice of you to try to infect another group of people who want to help their children with your band of crazies.

  33. I incorporated the "government within a government" stuff in the John's version of reality section. The remark about Michelle Dawson is just too much.

  34. Jannalou;
    What if the ADD drugs are causing the suicidal thoughts? Is it time to think about trying ALA instead?

    Maybe you missed the part where I said that I used to have suicidal thoughts?

    I haven't had suicidal thoughts since... oh, easily since I was diagnosed. Definitely not since I started the Dexedrine last August. Even switching to Strattera didn't make those come back.

  35. Jannalou;
    So you still think it's a good idea to keep paying the people who poisoned you for the drugs that only treat symptoms instead of curing yourself? ALA is only about $5 a bottle. How much do the other drugs cost you?

  36. I pay $10 a month for my Strattera at my current dose. My insurance pays the rest.

    I suppose you imagine that my position is 100% in favour of taking these meds for the rest of my life. Well, it's not. I aim to learn the skills that I need in order to be able to function this well without medication someday.

    But until then?

    I will certainly continue to pay Eli Lilly for my Strattera.

  37. Jannalou;
    Perhaps it would be easier to learn those skills if you investigated the possibility that you have been poisoned by mercury.
    If that's the case and you could cure your ADD, you may be able to sue Eli Lilly for making your life more difficult than it should have been. I think I read something about you having bowel problems. That was the first thing chelation cured for my son. No bowel problems whatsoever since a few months into chelation. He suffered horribly from it for years while no mainstream doctor would help him.

  38. Is there a single anecdotal account of any adult who has found chelation helpful for ADHD or autism?

    There are certainly those who have found it helpful for heavy metal poisoning.

    I understand there are anecdotal accounts of people who have found it helpful for heart disease; however, a double-blind study on that failed to show it is actually beneficial in any way.

  39. Joe;
    There are some people who are chelating adult children. I wouldn't trust one of your spies to report accurately about that so I'm sure you can join Autism-Mercury and see for yourself.

  40. I think I read something about you having bowel problems.

    Yes, I have had in the past. When I am not stressed and avoid lactose, I don't have those problems. I always know when I've eaten something I shouldn't... and I usually make the decision to do so knowing full well what I'm getting myself into.

    But then, I'm good at self-denial. I'm fasting for Lent this year. For me, that means I'm only eating at night from Monday-Saturday. Haven't slipped up yet.

  41. Jannalou;
    What if you get depressed and the drugs you're taking help those suicide thoughts get too strong to resist?
    Do you think your parents would be happy to reap the benefit from that lawsuit?

  42. What if you get depressed and the drugs you're taking help those suicide thoughts get too strong to resist?
    Do you think your parents would be happy to reap the benefit from that lawsuit?

    You should think and read before you post, John.

    Strattera, the medication I am currently on, is an SNRI, which is very closely related to SSRI's, which are antidepressants. Given that I have been dysthymic all of my life (dysthymia being low-level depression), it is not much of a leap to think that the SNRI just might help alleviate the dysthymia!

    My doctor is keeping tabs on my physical well-being, and my psychologist is all about my mental and emotional well-being, as are my family, my best friend, and my SO.

    At this point, none of these people would have cause to sue anyone, should something happen to me as a direct result of the medication I am taking. I am an adult, and I have no dependents save my three guinea pigs. Now, if I do eventually marry, then perhaps my husband might choose to sue. But that is far in the future, anyhow.

    I think you really should read some of my blog entries, instead of relying on my comments for information about who I am and what I'm about. I expect most of your assumptions are very, very wrong. (Which is not surprising, given what happens when you ASSUME things about people.)

  43. Jannalou;
    Before you were born, there was no such thing as ADD. It did not exist. It's not a case that some jackass named it, it wasn't there. Just because you grew up with it and saw it around you is no reason that you can't learn from those who grew up when it wasn't around. There has to be a reason that this condition all of a sudden started afflicting kids.
    If the companies who make those drugs you take gave a damn about you, don't you think they'd tell you how to cure yourself? Do you think they're more concerned with their profits from selling those drugs than they are with curing you which would negate those profits and be an admission that they screwed up by giving you too much mercury? If you made a mistake yourself that was going to cost you billions of dollars, would you just admit the truth and pay it or would you hire the best lawyers you could find? Politicians and drug company CEO's don't get the big bucks because they're nice guys.

  44. LOL!

    Sorry, I have to laugh at the ignorance displayed in that comment, John.

    My father is very obviously ADHD, and my mother displays many of the same traits I do. (There's a reason why we joke about sharing a brain.)

    Most of the respected researchers in the field are my parents' age or older - and they, themselves, have been diagnosed with ADHD.

    It was misnamed - called "minimal brain dysfunction" - until the 1960's, when it began to be known as "hyperactivity" or "hyperkinesis". In the 1980's, it finally got the first version of its current name. (See this web site for that information - it's in the first few paragraphs, so you don't have to read very much to find it.)

    I was born in the 1970's. I'm sure, if you do the math, you will be able to tell that ADHD existed long before I was born.

  45. John still gets confused with the concept of apparent prevalence. He thinks it's the same as actual prevalence.

    John, did mental retardation always exist or do you think it a new phenomenon as well?

  46. Jannalou;
    Were your parents born before 1931? If not, they most likely had some mercury from vaccines. Since ADD is a mild form of mercury poisoning, Your parents are most likely susceptible to that. I hope I'm wrong but if they develop Alzheimer's at an early age, maybe that will help convince you to pay more attention to mercury. You just keep believing the guesses that the field of psychology throws at you. You are hopeless.

  47. Joe;
    I don't care about your prevalence numbers. I'd like to see the real numbers of how many births, how many kids with thimerosal, how many without thimerosal and how many autistic, with and without it.

  48. Were your parents born before 1931?

    No, amazingly enough, they weren't. Their parents were, however, and my maternal grandfather was very likely AS, while my paternal grandfather was very likely ADHD. Just like all three of his children.

    Since ADD is a mild form of mercury poisoning,


    You are hopeless.

    Actually, I'm quite full of hope right now. For the future. For the present. Even for you, if you can ever open up your mind enough to really hear what people are telling you.

    I think I'll stop posting on this thread now. Instead, I'm going to pray for you. Every day. Maybe God will be able to open your heart in a way we humans can't.

  49. Jannalou;
    I have 4 nuns and a priest in my family so I probably have enough people praying for me already. I think you should pray for all the autistic children whose parents aren't smart enough to learn how to help them.
    Golf season starts for me Friday and baseball comes back next week so I won't be doing much more blogging except on rainy days.
    Maybe I'll talk to you in the fall. In the meantime, why don't check out Andy Cutler and prove the mercury connection yourself by curing yourself?

  50. Joe;
    I don't care about your prevalence numbers. I'd like to see the real numbers of how many births, how many kids with thimerosal, how many without thimerosal and how many autistic, with and without it.

    That's easy. The average dose of thimerosal is currently close to zero, yet there are no signs of a drop in apparent or actual incidence.

    Furthermore, Hviid (2003) did just what you ask, and found no correlation.

  51. Joseph,

    Of course, Fore Sam will counter that since the Hviid et al study was done in Denmark, that it is invalid. After all, Fore Sam knows that all Danish scientists and doctors are part of the Massive-Conspiracy-to-Cover-Up-the-Connection-Between-Thmierosal-and-Autism. Just take his word for it...he's got the data here somewhere...well, maybe he left it in his golf pants.

    It never ceases to amaze me how the folks who whine and bleat about wanting other people to be more "open-minded" are generally the most closed-minded people on the planet. I doubt that Fore Sam would change his mind on the thimerosal-autism connection if God himself (God would be a male in Fore Sam's world, I have no doubt) came down and wrote "Thimerosal Does Not Cause Autism" on a stone tablet right in front of Fore Sam's nose.

    Still, it's fun to watch him make an ass of himself every day, so what the heck?

    Don't ever change, John.


  52. Foresam is a complete nazi-like, overzealous, pitiful excuse for a human being that has ever been my misfortune to have ever contacted with.

    Normaly people grow up, but his age is stuck at 10. He REALLY needs to grow up and see reality.

    I mean, at least the other biomed parents that I have met show some maturity, even humanity, and yes, even a likable personilty (besides desperation to cure their child).

    Foresam, however, has too big an ego, cannot comprehend anything beyond his rigid little world , has to hide behing his kid, has to hide behing insults and cannot even try to see the world from our perspective- he just dismisses us as insane!

    Joeseph, thank you for exposing this maniac!!!!!

  53. I'm pretty sick of listening to you, Johnny boy. Here's a thought: Gravity doesn't exist, it was just made up by Isaac Newton. How about the theory of relativity? What about the world being round?

    These all kind of popped out, rather suddenly and unexpectedly, wouldn't you gather?

    You see, these things all existed. We just didn't know. They didn't just happen. Funny thing about Aspergers, or high-functioning autism as it's known to some, you can learn how to blend in, how to pretend to be neurotypical, just another regular person. I do it all the time. Most of the time, people can't even grasp there's something strange about me. Do you think, maybe, just maybe, this is why Autism never really came on out before Dr. Hans Asperger?

    Read up on history, of mental institutions, and you'll find descriptions of the entire spectrum.

    You can blow hot air all you want, but it won't make Autism and the spectrums disappear. You can talk until you're blue in the face, write until your hand cramps, tap the keyboard until it wears out, but it won't change a thing.

    I've grown up, now 18, diagnosed with AS, and I have turned out to be very well off, with a bright and happy future. No therapies, no supposed cures... just my parent's help, support, and love.

    By the way, since when did homosexuality become an issue? Weren't you trying to cure Autism?

    If you're going to be vile, please, by all means, be vile with others who share your views, not bloggers whom feel you're a lunatic who can't shut up about beastiality.

    Thank you for your time, but on the other hand, it's not like it's worth anything.

  54. John Best ! Be warned - we are after you. We will come to your house in the middle of the night and LAUGH at you. And we have much to laugh at.

    Just one hole to pick out of millions - you say that Autistics are somehow responsible for the manufacture of crap cars. As autism might be said to be an extreme form of engineering, it follows that engineers make crap cars.

    John Best Be Warned !

    Even now vast armies of autistics are thinking up jokes about you.

    P Buddery

  55. Joseph, I'm picking this up and putting it onto the section of my Wiki devoted to Best (under his blog ID here). I'm also adding other stuff aimed at particular people - at the moment I have Michelle, Kev, Kathy, Amanda and Joeker listed for work, and maybe yourself and others. I have already devoted a page to his nonsense aimed at me. Hopefully it will be up sooner rather than later. I'll let you know when that is.

  56. I think John is hilarious. He calls it as he sees it. Sex with animals? Surely you gest.
    I don't think John hides behind anybody but I think you folks spend/waste a huge amount of time focusing on what someone "types" into cyberspace. I think it is you folks that need to get a life.
    I've never seen John as hateful either.
    "Dumb broad"? I'm sure he's the only male who has ever uttered that comment. May I add that I've heard it spoken millions of times by people more estute and intelligent than you folks certainly are. (and by the way I am female).
    Spend your time recovering your child. Enough already!

  57. I'm having trouble here... is fore sam real, or is he a parody of the mercury-curebies? I'm thinking he was created by an Aspie who wanted to make anti-neurodiversity people look bad; but I'm not all that good at reading between the lines, so somebody is going to have to clear this up for me.

  58. No, he's all too real unfortunately.

  59. WOW! I'm all so new to an old thing, I guess. Do forgive me as I go out on a limb, but I've read the posts, the blogs, and the comments. Seriously, this guy sounds like he is so mad and angry at not just autism, but the whole world, and seriously needs help. THAT is of course my humble opinion.

  60. I am not sure as to what to now believe. I have no formal experience with autism, except from what I have personally researched due to the biological interests of it's behaviour. So please forgive me in advance if I am not as sensitive to the topic as the people who have direct contact with this issue.
    John, as odd as this may seem, I'm not writing this to bash you in any way, as I see where you may be coming from. The personal bashes towards this community does not really help your arguments though, I must say. I also notice that attention is being paid more towards the multi-dimensional views of yours than the original topic at hand. I don't care much about how you view women (yes I am one of your dumb broads) nor do I care much about your views on homosexuality or any other issue not relating to autism as a whole.
    To bring this commentry back to the original focus.. John, your view lies in the fact that you firmly believe that autism is due to mercury poisoning, and the fact that this issue is being ignored by individuals that are supposed to be trying to help their children annoys you. You obviously have nothing against autistic children as your son is autistic as well (do I have this correct?). You have seen improvement with his condition however because of the use of Chelation (which I'm guessing is a counteractant for Mercury in some way. OR as you've previously stated maybe ??manufactors the variables responsible for proper brain functions that mercury prevents?? (Forgive me I have not researched this in it's entirety so I'm only going on what you've previously stated))
    So in seeing this work for your son you've collaborated a theory that states that Mercury poisoning is what your son had, and based on that and that alone, you're in a sense reasoning that most children with Autism also suffers the same effects from the same cause.
    In a way, you are convinced that a cure can be made if the rest of the community sees it as Mercury poisoning and does something to help thier children overcome it by giving them the appropriate 'medications'. You believe that the community labeling it as neurodiversity is 'accepting' it not for what it truly is, and they are ignoring the curable issues involved further leaving their children in a state of turmoil and suffering.
    I can see why you would be a little angry and frustrated if this was your assertions..
    I'm not moved by the way you address these people and I am well aware that my oppinion matters very little to you however as it more often than not goes.. If your blogs are meant to help and you will for some amount of paradigm shifting with the peramaters of these matters so children can be 'cured' then why do you project so much hate? People close their ears and their minds to hatred. This only results in your opinion mattering very little to the general public and your thoughts and writings are only done in vain. Reading through these it appears to me that each one of you are defending matters that aren't even relivant to the actual topic at hand. What really is this accomplishing? Nothing. No issues are actually being confronted except John's opinion of all of you and your opinions of John. Which on the grand scheme of the Autistic world - isn't that big of a deal and means nothing if nothing is accomplished. So this in essence has turned so anti-productive that I'm not exactly sure why I've even decided to leave a comment, but for some reason I still did.
    Thanks for your time.

  61. Anon, I don't believe John has checked this page in a long time. You might want to go to his blog. However, it's honestly a waste of time to try to reason with him. He has some beliefs set in stone and that's all he cares about.

  62. Did you know that "John Best" appeared at the Awares conference (2005) and then morphed into "Robin P Clark"?

    Autism related sites are stuffed with such characters, and you needn't think they actually believe anything they post!

    You may wonder why some people troll? Some do it for kicks, and "Aspies" are fun targets, being so gullible. My guess about this character, and a handful of others like him, is that they are full time professionals.

    Check the history (via "Aaron Rosanoff on wikipedia, for starters, say) and you'll discover neither Kanner nor Asperger invented the word "autism", but merely borrowed it to label a fairly select set of disorders, which had a superficial similarity to what the word previously meant.

    Since then, the label has been widened to include all kinds of developmental disorders, without reference to the original meaning, and, judging from the lengths they go to, it seems that certain elements of the establishment are very keen that the public should not be aware of this rewriting of history.

    Conspiracy theory? Yes, and it's real (but you'll never know unless you dig for the facts yourselves; don't automatically believe anything anyone writes about "autism". And that includes me!).

  63. I love this man.

    He is crazy!

    We in England have striven to eradicate thinking like this, but every now and then you meet them. More or less they hide in darker and smaller corners of our society, convinced they are right about...well..anything they feel like really.

    You see, he cannot cite any empirical, or properly researched etc, proof to back up what he says. Its a certain kind of 1970's Racial Purity old fashioned way of seeing the world. When there was still a village mentality around the places the likes of him lived. There was a set, definite sense of what was 'Normal', which I reckon is where he is coming from.

    He hasnt grown up and moved on like the rest of us. I relate to his attitude the way that a stand up comedian Al Murray does. He uses this mindset in his alter ego - The Pub Landlord - to great effect.

    The joke is that he really believes himself and his own ideas, whilst deliberately preaching to people who believe the opposite - like him. For his hulking bald headed facist is in reality a cultured Oxford University graduate!!!

    I will be showing my pals this blog. Thanks.

  64. Fore Sam said...
    The only problem I have with this is that you did not include the fact that my "dumb broad" comments were solely directed at Kathleen Seidel. Of course, when taken out of context, the jokes I was making in response to what I consider nonsense don't show their true nature when left by themselves.
    It's also inaccurate to claim I hate autistic people. I'd like to see them all cured so they can enjoy their lives without that disability.

    oh look! the snivelling little worm has returned to save his skin! get off this website fore-sam you are nothing more than a bigot a waste of life and a disgrace to humanity the day you die the happier this planet will be.

  65. John Best reminds me of the "Age of Imperialism" that I'm learning about in history right now. He thinks he knows better than us, and that he must decide for us even if we don't like it (paternalism). It's one thing trying to help people live our lives sucessfully, but to mold everyone into one's ideas of a "good life" is completely different. The Europeans thought their ways of life were more ideal by God than the Africans and Asians. Therefore, many of these people turned against the Europeans, but were still being dominated over.

  66. Maybe most (so it seems?) missed this? Certainly most people ignored my post (nothing unusual there; people like to think everything is normal?) but, if you are the least bit interested in reality, will you please try to at least consider the previous post (repeated below) and try to imagine why anyone called "anonymous" would post such a meaningless empty diatribe?

    Here's a copy:

    At 11/22/2007 3:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I love this man.

    He is crazy!

    We in England have striven to eradicate thinking like this, but every now and then you meet them. More or less they hide in darker and smaller corners of our society, convinced they are right about...well..anything they feel like really.

    You see, he cannot cite any empirical, or properly researched etc, proof to back up what he says. Its a certain kind of 1970's Racial Purity old fashioned way of seeing the world. When there was still a village mentality around the places the likes of him lived. There was a set, definite sense of what was 'Normal', which I reckon is where he is coming from.

    He hasnt grown up and moved on like the rest of us. I relate to his attitude the way that a stand up comedian Al Murray does. He uses this mindset in his alter ego - The Pub Landlord - to great effect.

    The joke is that he really believes himself and his own ideas, whilst deliberately preaching to people who believe the opposite - like him. For his hulking bald headed facist is in reality a cultured Oxford University graduate!!!

    I will be showing my pals this blog. Thanks.

  67. gwynfryn: I don't know what message you're referring to, but note that this is an old blog post, and very few people are probably reading this.

  68. Thank you for making this post on your blog.

    When you enter 'John Best' into google, it is the second hit.

    It is very important that people see John Best as the lying, hateful, fear-mongerer that he is. Just because he has a blog and a child on the ASD does not mean he has a shred of credibility. I am surprised that he not yet been sued for libel or slander for some of the absurd claims and accusations he makes.

  69. At 2/04/2008 12:54 PM, Blogger Joseph said...

    gwynfryn: I don't know what message you're referring to, but note that this is an old blog post, and very few people are probably reading this.

    I'm well aware of this, but I contained the "message" in the very post you read!

    As for the original, you only need to go back a few posts to find it, so I'm a bit confused here; are you seeing the same posts that I am? You only need to blog "gwynfryn" or check aspie sites to find my e-mail,(which is

  70. At 10/24/2007 12:50 PM, Blogger gthomas said...
    "Did you know that "John Best" appeared at the Awares conference (2005) and then morphed into "Robin P Clark"?" [......] My guess about this character, and a handful of others like him, is that they are full time professionals."

    Speaking as Robin P Clarke (r/AT/, the author of the unchallenged gene-expression theory of autism,
    I can assure you that I have never needed to "morph" from anyone, and had never heard of a John Best before this thread of drivel here came to my attention. What does it matter whether or not I'm a full-time professional? Well, I'm certainly a fulltime scholar. Why don't you use your space here to engage constructively with my ideas rather than just this trivia gossip drivel? Sorry, no need to answer that!

  71. Jesse,
    I don't make absurd claims. I tell people the facts and young people who have not completed their educations just aren't smart enough to accept them.
    You have the option of remaining ignorant or learning from me. Your choice.

  72. Foreskin:
    "I have 4 nuns and a priest in my family so I probably have enough people praying for me already."

    Well, that explains the leap from "disagrees with My Authority" to "Likely approves of Fornication with Sheep."

    Now, I agree that consent is the issue involved, Fore..something.. Sam?


    So, since consent is important, especially when penetrating someone with something designed to change their life, or at least make YOUR day... who signed the consent papers on behalf of your son?

    By the way, I'm not implying that you are a perp who is abusing an autistic child - and eveyone else within reach. I'm stating what is, in fact, intuitively obvious with regards to your interactions with other public persons. It is not unreasonable to assume that what you do in public is a milder and relatively more considered version of what you do in private where no-one is watching.

  73. "Your[sic] not smart enough to shut me up."

    Nice...I gotta remember that one.

  74. You make nothing BUT absurd comments, Johnny.

    "Learn from you?" That's the funniest thing I've heard in months! The only thing you can teach me is how to be a feckless liar completely divorced from reality.

  75. "You have the option of remaining ignorant or learning from me. Your choice."

    This quote reminds me of when I was in 7th grade and a group of girls who were mean, gossipy, and generally self-absorbed, blocked me from getting to my math class. I was having a hard time getting through or saying anything. Then, one of the girls said: "You should be making yourself more like US!" and I burst out laughing. Then I said, wiping my eye of a tear of laughter, "Thanks, I really needed a good laugh." They were so dismayed that they just kind of dissipated, and I got through to my class.

    These three more recent Bestisms I think say it all:

    “Autistics who don't want to be cured cost us a lot of money. If they're too crazed to accept a cure, they should be euthanized and put out of their misery. Let's decrease the surplus population.”
    Sunday, December 23, 2007

    “Hitler did not kill any autistic people because none existed at that time.”
    Sunday, December 23, 2007

    “You assholes are the ones who are worse than Hitler.”
    Sunday, December 23, 2007


  76. um... do you have any link to WHERE he said these things? I can't track them down.

    "“Autistics who don't want to be cured cost us a lot of money. If they're too crazed to accept a cure, they should be euthanized and put out of their misery. Let's decrease the surplus population.”
    Sunday, December 23, 2007"

    I really really want to make use of that one.

  77. I was rereading John Worst's comments, and I realized, at the risk of Godwinning, he's exactly the sort of person Hitler would have been if almost no one listened to him.

    Since there's probably not much chance people will start listening, I'll file him under "pathetic" rather than "scary."

  78. I am intentionally offensive when dealing with liars and nitwits. My disdain for these people should not be misinterpreted as social ineptitude. I'm not trying to make friends here.

    ...Or valid points, or decent arguments, or research...

  79. Dysthymia is found twice as much in women as compared to men and this ratio does not depend on racial, ethnic or economic background. Until adolescence the rate of depression is not so much between boys and girls but after the age of approximately 12-13 it is more prevalent in girls, the reason could be the rapid changes in their physical, intellectual and hormonal constitution.

  80. This has to be one of my favorite comments that began me thinking that I should take more of a Norman Lear/Archie Bunker approach of laughing at the absurdity rather than trying to be rational. With presumptions like this why even bother to try and use rational thought:

    "All people on my side of the issue speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Neurodiversity never utters any truth."

    My response to this was to say "listen very carefully, John...I'm lying right now" in hopes that I could illicet some kind of Star Trek logic overload...

  81. Hi Joseph,

    John's currently trying to infect every single post he can come across on the Facebook Autism Awareness group. We figured him out pretty early on in the piece but he's too stupid to realise we aint going to bite anymore. He's targeted me in particular to try to troll a responce from cos I keep exposing him and disrupting his sick perversion. He's a dumb shit when you really get to know the man.... and so are all of his aliases who like to support him with all his arguments. We keep reporting him but he won't go away. Any tips on what we can do to relieve ourselves of this whacko?

  82. If there's technically no way to ban him in Facebook, I'm not sure what else you could do.

  83. yeah, unfortunately all our reports to the feed and directly to facebook are so far being ignored. He's regenerated into his homophobic anti-feminist autistic hating ways already too. The whole world is one giant paid conspiricy against him to prevent him from taking the United States to court for poisoning his kids. Unbelievable!

  84. Dang.... I can't even read anymore of that guy
    That's concentrated stuff I can't stand

  85. I found your blog while searching for John's. Thank you for the great list of quotes. I agree with John, can't wait to start reading his blog.


  86. I think Fore Sam is absolutely right on. It's so funny to see how the allegedly "whacked" people of the world are really the most insightful and truthseekers. John Best is without a doubt totally right on what he says...everything, except the one thing I disagree with him on is the mercury thing. Autism just isn't that simple. If it were just mercury in the brain, we'd all be chelating our kids. I think John is unique and he's right about connecting the dots with things like all makes sense you know. If you're thinking. And your mind is being held captive to do something it?

  87. Why are so many neurodiversity folks scared of John Best? Yes, he's a bit like Michael Savage when it comes to his personality, oh well, it's a diverse planet, remember? John is just part of neurodiversity, he's assertive neurologically and he suffers from excessive truth telling, oh my. How awful. Let's smash him. Let's hide him. Let's tell Google to censor him. Damn that John, he must be nuts. One of those whacko government is trying to kill us all folks. Well, ok, so he's got some strong opinions. It's his right. And you know what? The guy is pretty damn sharp if you listen to what he says behind all his anger. And you can blame this guy? He sees thing from perspectives we don't. He's not the greatest peace maker. Big deal. He has good info. He exposes some of the biggest con artists in autism today, the guy's a hero, in this regard. He's defending these predators, these posers of autism to the world and they are scared to death of what he says, because it's true. Fucking deal it. Man up. Or, aspie up. Autie up. Semper FI.

  88. @Anon 12:08: You're confused. Acceptance doesn't mean "let him do anything he wants." I don't go around using autism as an excuse to do all kinds of crap; nor do I let my son do anything he wants.

  89. Hey, my name is John Best too, and I am not the guy this blogger is destroying. It's really irresponsible to destroy a persons name like this since this blog pops up first when you googoe 'John Best'. Please pull this blog off, or put in the guys full middle name. Please! How would YOU like it? Thank You.

  90. @John Best: The post uses the name John Best Jr. and it has a link to the Hating Autism blog. I think that's enough information to identify the person in question. I don't know his middle name.

    I don't see that the post is #1 in Google.

    As an additional reference, the post is about John Best Jr. of Londonderry, NH.

  91. Joseph.....Thank you, that 'Jr.' does indeed help, it could be worse. The more you can do to explicitly ID him in particular would help. A suggestion? Perhaps call him John AHA Best, for Autism Hating A...... you make up a word for the last A, that of course, must start with an 'A'. Just a thought.

    But I must say that the underlying religious/ideological pathology of the fellow (I'm being euphemistic by withholding a more suitable noun than 'fellow') is interesting, and it puts him personally in an interesting place regarding the characterization of neurological variations.

    Frankly, my devious inner child, the naughty boy, would have a riot making the discussion about the particular neurology/pathology of a particular self professed 'Autism Hater'. It's really sadly laughable.

    But to be fair, we must acknowledge some environmental effect of the development and growth of the brain, the person, the IQ, etc. But this all imprints on underlying hardware.

    At present, the way I view it is not so black and white as the debate has become. Rather, I'd say that Mercury may have had some questionable degree of influence on some small fraction of any given neurological outcome. That influence is probably the same as for hundreds of thousands of compounds that have been in the environment for many years.

    It's a crap-shoot. At the moment of conception, the variance caused by DNA is huge, and what happens from there is influenced by all sorts of enzymes and proteins, mothers health, hormones, etc. From what I've read on brain development, we certainly can't be definitive about the influence of a particular compound.

    I'd guess at this point of fledgling involvement that John AHA Best's pathology is to zero in on an excuse as to why his God was thwarted from making his progeny perfect. The devil Mercury, and likely 'Liberals' did it. It is pathetic beyond words.

  92. I've added a note to clarify further.

  93. Thank you at least for the note, it is an improvement. But as long as this blog pops up first on a Google search for 'John Best', I am not going to be happy. Why the obsession with attacking the guy? On CNN today they reported that a court ruled that autism is not caused by vaccines, so just declare victory and take down all the references to 'John Best', please? I am informing you formally, through this post, that your blog is causing me great distress, as it does indeed still smear my name. Please do more. Thank You.
    A completely innocent bystander,
    John W. Best

  94. Sorry John W. Best. I'm not going to start to take down posts just because people ask me to.

    I'll change the title slightly. That's the best I can offer.

    If you think the post is in violation of a policy or law, or if there's a precedent for something like this, you'll have to be more specific. I doubt it is.

  95. There are so many people in this world who share the same names. I think Joseph's been pretty cool about adjusting the title for you JWB. This blog is often referred to by those who don't live on the dark side of the Autism community when they need to warn people about the John Best that Joseph is actually writing about. You've stated that this is not you JWB, so that should be enough to let the world know that this is not even about you. If your name was OJ Simpson, would you be asking people to stop saying that you got away with murder as well? This isn't about you. You share the same name as a notorious serial cyber troller. That's not reason enough for people to stop exposing his dubious ways.

  96. First, Thanks Joseph for the continued improvement.

    But to Anonymous.....Did you try to put yourself in my place? Anonymous......that says it all.

    And again, thank you Joseph for adding the (ForSam), it might help. Anything else you can do to keep this blog from coming up #1 in Google when Googling 'John Best', would be greatly appreciated.

  97. John Best has lost custody of his son.
    Sam Best's chelation is over.

    John Best holds forth about it, in his usual manner, in two postings at .

  98. I just read his blog. I love that John Best has always sworn how the chelation has cured his son, yet now he's lost custody he's saying his son is doomed to a life of being poisoned and will never be cured.... which just goes to show that all the painful chelation he's forced his son to endure did absolutely nothing to help the poor boy at all!

  99. What's amazing is that after 9 (?) years of chelation John still seems to think that if he's just given an opportunity to chelate some more years, it will make a difference.

    That's probably a completely unprecedented length of time for a course of chelation. I bet it could be written up in a journal as a case report. And who knows what the physiological damage might turn out to be later on.

    His ex-wife is no doubt correct about chelation making Sam worse. She obviously sees things more clearly than John. The court case must have been exceedingly easy to win, and it's not far fetched to imagine Hating Autism was used as evidence, and probably read in open court.

  100. @ Joseph: "I don't know his middle name."

    I do. It's Frederick.

  101. I'm not really sure why you take this one-toothed mutant seriously. He's clearly not in his right mind, and doesn't really deserve any of the attention he gets for his lunatic ramblings.

    I think if we are to take his worries about harm seriously, we should first start by seeking to undo the damage done when siblings get intimate and produce children like him.

  102. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  103. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  104. I've included some of your comments on my profile of John Best: Autism Troll

    I think you will enjoy the comparison photo I did.

  105. Phil/Timelord6/14/2011 4:45 PM

    Joseph, could you please remove the two anonymous posts above that mention my full name? Thanks in advance.

  106. John Best is a quack... Joseph, you are my hero for exposing this sad excuse for a human being... one of my favorites is when BEST says: "Your not smart enough to shut me up" in March of 2006... on top of everything we know about this sad sad individual, we now know he can't spell either, in the midst of trying to say that YOU were the dumb one... classic... thanks for exposing this old, ugly, miserable, unintelligent, pathetic excuse for a human being.