Saturday, January 06, 2007

ANN: Kirby-Allen Debate

There will be a debate titled "Vaccines and Autism: Is There a Connection?" between David Kirby and Arthur Allen. The debate will take place in San Diego, California on Saturday, January 13, at 10am. The address follows:

UC San Diego Price Center
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla CA 92093

Admission is free, provided you register with TACA before January 10. (Be prepared to give out a mailing address). Or you can pay $10 on-site.

The main sponsors of the debate are apparently Generation Rescue, SafeMinds, TACA and the Autism Research Institute. As you can imagine they will surely do their best to come up with an audience hostile to Mr. Allen. If you know someone who lives around the San Diego area, who is a skeptic of the vaccine link or an autistic adult or a parent who doesn't buy into the vaccine hoopla, be sure to let them know about the debate. If you have a blog, you can help by reposting the announcement. You can also email anyone else who might be interested.


  1. That's an event for anyone good at 'duck and cover'! How long do we have to hide? Aren't you weary of all this fighting? Can you see the yellow stripe down my back!
    Best wishes

  2. A debate on a science topic between two journalists? Isn't this something of a non-event?

  3. The thing is that the thimerosal hypothesis was popularized and exists really due to David Kirby's book. The mailing list where the hypothesis is entertained bears a name which is the same as the title of the book. That's also why DK's statements and predictions carry some weight.

    It wouldn't seem fair for DK to debate a scientist, now would it?

  4. Back in July of 2005, I proposed that there be a tag team debate, RFK Jr. and David Kirby vs. Michelle Dawson and Autism Diva. I still think the autistic team could take them. To even the playing field, it shouldn't be an oral debate, though. Maybe laptops at 50 paces.

  5. Michelle Dawson and Autism Diva would eat them alive, but then again, I'm biased :)

  6. :-D Laptops at 50 paces... I like. I might be tempted to chuck my laptop at the head of one of my oponents, though.... No, I wouldn't, but I'd think about it... maybe do a graphic of it while they're presenting and email it to them....

  7. I'll be surprised if Dave Kirby shows up. He has a history of ignoring legitimate debates with people smarter than him.