Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Amazing Results With... Anything!

For us parents who've been part of the autism community for years, new nonsensical "cures" don't really come as a surprise anymore. It would seem that everything in the world can cure autism, and you'll always find at least one parent who swears by it.

Here's the latest one: MonaVie(TM) []. Feel it. Drink it. Share it.

MonaVie™ is a delicious and energizing blend of the Brazilian a├žai berry - one of nature's top super-foods - and other nutrient dense fruits. Developed with the philosophy Balance-Variety-Moderation, MonaVie™ delivers the phytonutrients and antioxidants you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Wow, that even sounds like science. And who wouldn't want a super-food?

But hold on. MonaVie apparently not only cures autism and a number of other maladies, it's also a wonderful business opportunity.

MonaVie™ offers the most innovative and dynamic compensation plan in the industry. With 8 Ways to Earn Income and 50 percent of the sales volume paid out in distributor commissions, MonaVie™ is a powerfully rewarding opportunity!

What’s more, MonaVie™ leverages today’s most effective form of distribution—relationship marketing. With this person-to-person approach, you can share the benefits of the MonaVie™ independent business opportunity with others and be rewarded for doing so, based on your sales and the product sales of those in the organization you helped create.

Plus you don't want to miss out on the alternative medicine boat and all the "epidemics" of everything, do you?

MonaVie™ blends unequaled nutritional power with an unparalleled business opportunity that enables MonaVie™ distributors to capitalize on the surging health and wellness industry.

Can we be sure it works though? But of course. Oprah has endorsed it!

Besides, could you dare doubt all these parent testimonials? I mean, who do you think you are?

  • My son is being 100% mainstreamed 3rd grade with VE inclusion. At one time I never thought this was possible...

  • God has truely blessed us with the juice...

  • We have had our 7 yo son, PDD-NOS, who has been taking the Active for 5 weeks now. We have seen amazing results... Just last night, we were on our way home from an event at 9:30pm, and he talked our ears off the whole way home- asking question after question. We thought, "who is this child"...

  • I have a 7 yo son on the Autism Spectrum and have seen amazing results during the last two months that he has been on MonaVie... I have had a working theory on the causes of autism and why MonaVie has been so successful with my son. I found this article today written by Dr. Schauss that supports my theory.

  • Since being on the juice, his "connectivity" (as we call it) has gone from around 3 (scale 1-5) to consistently a 5. We began seeing this right before school got out (6/13) and it has continued...

  • I feel like the lord introduced this to my family not only to recover my son, but also spread the word to as many families as I can...

  • My precious, 11 year old adopted, Eskimo son, James, has many diagnosed [sic] with.... He is on medication (Ritelin, Prozac, Seroquel), and that has helped him lots. With the help of diet and MonaVie I am hoping to get him off of these soon... BUT, I can't really say I have noticed James responding better...


Not convinced yet? That's probably only because you have not heard all about how it cured one child.


  1. God has truely blessed us with the juice...

    That's true. Don't know where we'd be without OJ Simpson

  2. Wow - it not cures autism, but also makes one less tired, it heals damaged joints, it increases mental acuity. Is there anything this stuff can't do?

  3. A lot of alternative medicine is like that. It supposedly treats everything under the sun. Chelation is like that.

    I'm picturing Handley, Nanstiel and the others looking at the list of testimonials and going "Damn it! 3 years wasted on the wrong treatment!"

  4. Just think how fast your kid would turn normal if you also did the beneficial bacterial nose spray thing (it's chelates). It's probably an income making opportunity, too.

  5. There seems to be a lot of MLM schemes for selling autism cures, although I think they are usually panacea that is ported to autism treatment.

    There's the Mannatech crap, Xango, noni juice, and a bunch of other stuff I've read about. It's nice when stay-at-home-moms can supplement their incomes while selling expensive supplements to other parents.

  6. I think there are probably more Dense Fruits in the testimonials than there are in the product.

    I wonder if Mona is an allusion to a Da Vinci and more 'secret knowledge'. Hidden appeals abound.

  7. "But hold on. MonaVie apparently not only cures autism and a number of other maladies"

    Where on the site does the company claim it cures autism? I saw the research document that talks about the benefits of anti-oxidants, the infomercial style testimonials document, and the newsgroups posting.

    But none of that is the company saying this is a cure.

    This isn't alternative medicine - this is junk mlm marketing materials.

  8. I didn't say the company is saying it's a cure. Obviously, it would be pretty bad, maybe illegal, if they said that. But other people are clearly saying that.

  9. "(For those who don't know ADHD is on the Autism spectrum)" -- Wow, you learn something every day.

  10. "But other people are clearly saying that."

    Then I must have missed it, who and where in the material you are referencing are claiming that this is a cure for autism?

  11. Hmmm...sounds like Zeolite repackaged. After all, "superfood" sounds much more appealing than "volcanic ash" any day. :P

  12. Poor James...11 years old and on
    Ritalin, Prozac, and Seroquel

    nothing like juice to replace powerful psychotropic drugs...

  13. who and where in the material you are referencing are claiming that this is a cure for autism?

    What do you think the mom who said "I feel like the lord introduced this to my family not only to recover my son, but also spread the word to as many families as I can" meant?

    OK, let's be strict. It's not promoted as a cure, but an autism recovery device.

  14. "What do you think the mom who said "I feel like the lord introduced this to my family not only to recover my son, but also spread the word to as many families as I can" meant?"

    So you are taking a semi-religious statement by one mother as a general statement that the individuals involved with distributing and/or drinking this beverage promote it as a "autism recovery device" ?

  15. Are you being serious MJ? Do you think they are promoting it as a nutritious drink?

    Those testimonials look like anything out of TACA or the AutismWeb biomed forum.

  16. "Are you being serious MJ? Do you think they are promoting it as a nutritious drink?"

    I think for the most part the web site of the company is promoting it as a nutritional drink. It took me about five minutes of digging on the site to find the testimonial document that you were referring to. And I only found one other document (other than the newsgroups) that had anything to do autism.

    So if you look at the general tone of the material on the site it is mostly about anti-oxidants, not autism.

    So, yes, I am serious, I believe that the company is promoting it as a nutritional drink, not as the latest autism cure.

  17. Frankly I am sick and tired of people lying to families for their own gain. Too many people are not only being hurt, families that are financially and emotionaly fragile are taken to the cleaners by charlattans and snake oil salesman. They should be ashamed of themselves targeting the disabled and playing with peoples lives. We have to stop using these "so called" biomedical interventions because some of them have lead to fatalities (chelation). Even if Monavie is just berry juice deceiving families with it is wrong. Go make your money some other way and leave our children alone!!!!!!!

  18. Geee...maybe we could get a volume discount and "cure" the whole bunch at once.

  19. Monavie doesn't make any claims that it can cure! If a Monavie web site does make the claim that it can cure then it should be turned in to the main company, because that is a NO-NO! It's 100% fruit juice. The body needs this nutrition anyway. Try the monavie...if it helps great, but if it doesn't work don't take it. There isn't one product out there that will work for everyone. It's that straight forward, but why criticize if you haven't tried it?

  20. Again, no one said the company claimed MonaVie can cure autism. I don't think they could do that, legally. But there are clearly people who are promoting it as a cure, treatment, something that will make autistic kids "improve", whatever you want to call it - not solely as a nutritious drink.

  21. I am a mother of a son recovering from autistm, through a long process of ABA, GFCF, and Pheiffer Clinic supplementation. My son speaks and attends school and is doing far better than we ever thought possible at diagnosis. Parents cannot reject everything out of hand. We have to explore what is being said and by whom. Yes, there are charletons. But to reject all bio-medical interventions would be defeatism. Our kids deserve better than that. I don't know anything about this nutritional drink but I felt saddened by the tone in this exchange.

  22. Anon: Most autistic children are "recovering" from autism, if you want to look at it that way. Close to 90% will have expressive language. Most make developmental progress. The only ones who won't ever progress are perhaps those who are put in institutions.

    How do you explain that all the children of parents in the Autism Hub are always making marked progress, even though they (by and large) don't do biomed?

    The strange thing is that you won't find any convincing "recovered" children. They are always just "recovering".

    Yes, things like this should be assumed not to work out of hand, until some real scientific evidence is presented that they do work. People need to think rationally about these things. For example, do you even know what the foundation of the belief that the GFCF diet works for autism is? Do you even know it's been completely discredited?

  23. If my 15 year old could blog like any of you and be sarcastic and funny, I also wouldn't be one of "those" parents who are trying anything and everything to get results. His life is miserable a lot of the time. It's very sad to watch a perfectly good body grow up and not be able to experience life to it's fullest without "mom or dad" standing two feet away looking pathetic. Give us a break. You are not watching your son waste away.

  24. Alice: Many of the Autism Hub parents, including myself, have classically autistic children. Obviously, that's not what determines parental politics or negative worldviews.

    I also don't buy that classic autistics, however disabled they are, can't experience life fully. Maybe they don't experience it they way you think is best or right, but they do. My son is a perfectly happy 6 year old, who obviously enjoys being alive, classic autism and everything.

  25. Mona Vie is the first product that has credible people of the science world, physicians tooting their horn. There is no other product with the scientic proof, double blind studies, credible people of all walks telling what it has done for them.

    University after University is doing studies and posting what Mona Vie's components do for the human body. If this product didn't work it would be as successful as it is.

    There are a number of products out there that are somewhat good, but there are people, like Sumner Redstone, CEO of CBS/Viacom, Geoff Bodine, Jon Paplebon, Wolfgang Puck, a complete basketball team, one of the nation's most respected women's physicians and the most respected economist of Wall Street, Maria Ramierez putting their reputation...putting their reputation on the line to back Mona Vie.

    I suggest before anyone calls Mona Vie a scam that they do research because there are many, many more credible people out there in favor of fact people you know and admire as well.


  26. I would like to make a statement about the websites and people promoting "cure all" with Mona Vie. The company has now issued a statement, in fact the founder has saying that distributors cannot have their own independent websites. Why? Because they want to control the content, so that all these claims are not posted. Yes Mona Vie does work and provides the body with necessary elements so it does the work to repair, remove oxidation, inflammation etc.

    It's nice to know that Corporate is not allowing this as it's a credible product and they want to keep it that way.

    Mona Vie is careful to say that it's a nutritional beverage that is good for you. Why is it successful...because distributors are willing to let you try the first bottle, most of them at no cost. Don't see other companie's distributors doing that do you?

    That's another reason. We offer it because the chances are they will feel better, and continue. If not, well they usually get a bottle on the house.


  27. Thanks for the clarifications, Keith. However, I went and looked for Monavie over at Pubmed and found no entries. What are the double-blind studies you're referring to?

  28. It' so sad to see so many people stealing the positive feelings of parents that are struggling to help their children in any way. MOna vie has never claimed to cure or treat anything. But it is a fact that this juice contains some of the highest anti oxidants in the world and in it's most pure form. Most of what our bodies need to function is what is offered by our earth. Doctor prescribed medications is #3 in causes of death.
    If your child can focus better and be helped with this product why not give it a try. Most distributors give away bottles for free for first time users. If it helps wonderful, if it doesn't then good luck on your quest to help your children be the best they can be.
    But don't condemn these parents for being hopeful and positive sometimes that's all all you have when your world feels like it's crumbling around you.

  29. Joseph,

    I feel so sorry for you. You are obviously hurting and down so you try and bring others down around you. You should try and be more positive and open minded. It might benefit your own life and your childs. You can't honeslty sit her and tell people that getting 10-13 servings of fruit a day is not going to benefit them. I'll tell you what, I would be more than happy to give you a bottle or two.

  30. @Ryan: Is it your habit to psychoanalyze and fabricate assumptions about people over the internet whom you have never met? That's pretty sad. In fact, I feel sorry for you, apparently a simple salesman of fruit juice.

  31. Hi
    I have personally tried Monavie.
    My son had Autisma dn Monavie has been the missing link to the puccle. He is like a total different kid. He no longer has troubles with transitioning and no longer anxious, he has more eye contact and made gains in his speech. This product also helped me with my debilitating anxiety from thryroid issues and stress within 2 days. It has helped increase my energy level. There are many people getting amazing benefits from this juice and that's why I share it.

  32. To MJ, Monavie cannot claim that it cures Autism. It's not a drug, it's a nutritional beverage. The parents of the Autistic children are the ones making the claims. They are the ones who live with it everyday and see results.

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. Note: Removed Powell's comment, as I believe it's spam. It didn't read like obvious spam, but a link in the comment takes you to a Monavie MLM promotional video.

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