Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank You Jenny McCarthy... For The Extra Traffic

Ever since the McCarthy circus came into town I have seen a tremendous surge of traffic to this blog, primarily through my Jenny McCarthy post. After the initial spike, traffic is stable at about twice the usual number of unique visitors. The following are some of the search phrases that are sending people here.
jenny mccarthy indigo
jenny mccarthy ex husband
jenny mccarthy divorce reasons
crystal children and autism link
jenny mccarthy archangel michael
evan is a 'crystal child,' and she herself is an 'adult indigo.'
were any indigo children born in 1969
jenny mccarthy, what medication her child was on
indigo or crystal autism
exelant model girles

There are also searches for something called Threelack. It's apparently "alternative medicine" for colon cleansing, no doubt unproven.

threelac and autism
jenny mccarthy threelac

There are some things I'm glad people are finding information about in this blog.

monavie and autism
autism, facts and false
autism and acupuncture
what are the effects of autism
autism detox
thermisal vaccine
teenagers undiagnosed with autism
exorcism treatment
autism chelation natural children
eugenics for kids
foot detox
cultural construct
lynn redwood
autism statistics graph annual
autism and telepathy
marrying someone with aspergers
genetic screening is wrong
michael menkin

Anyway, I'd really like to thank Jenny McCarthy for causing more people to be aware of some of the issues discussed in this blog. I no doubt speak for Kev and others when I say this. It's possible Jenny McCarthy unintentionally did something to actually help autistics, namely me.

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  1. I've had a surge in traffic, too, that was before I wrote a blog about Jenny, so I have to go check what kind of traffic I am getting now.

    One of my favorite search terms that took someone to my blog was "Diva knee socks."

  2. I have to confess, the "exelant model girles" search was mine.

  3. Eugenics for kids is a bit worrying to me.

  4. Me too. It's insane. My blog hit something like 430 hits today. I used to consider it a good day if I hit 40.

    It's a great way to increase traffic.... ;-D

  5. Me too. But that's because of Diva!Thanks, Diva!!

  6. Since you seem to think that Jenny is talking "quackery" science here...and that there is NO CURING to do...can you also tell me that if you were NOT able to speak, you would feel it was ok for your mother to not get you whatever help was needed to ensure you could at least communicate? Hmmm...I can see it now...No, we're born that way...if we can't speak, nobody should attempt to teach us to speak...

    Another ignorant person talking about things they should not.

    Obviously, you can speak, therefore, anything outside of that does not concern you...but I wonder what you would think if Jenny's son did NOT have an autism label, if Jenny's son could NOT speak...and she did NOTHING about it...

  7. Anon: Yes, I can speak. But it is wrong for you to assume I do. There are other bloggers who can write, but cannot speak.

    Additionally, I have a son who does not speak. I have as much a right to discuss autism as any other parent, don't you think?

    Actually, anyone has a right to discuss autism causation, treatment and the validity of statements made by other people. It's silly to try to limit what people can and cannot discuss.

    Finally, I obviously do not advocate doing nothing. You only needed to look in the links section on the right to figure that out.

  8. I want a cure. A LEGITIMATE cure. With lots of detailed medical journal studies and lots of studied proof (not testimonies) that it works done by professionals, not "doctors" that make up their degrees and their qualifications as they go along.

    Until then, I'll settle for proven therapies that help lots of kids (speech, OT) rather than putting them through questionable treatments found on the Internet.

  9. 2,335 views of my YouTube response to the Oprah appearance a week ago. Most of my vids have about 50. Autism vids around 200 each.
    Most people who view it disagree with my opinion, that she is a dangerous influence.
    Scary how such a boob can be supported by so many.
    (that's one for all you picture-thinkers. hee hee)

  10. good day, i am 22 years old and i would like to kindly know if i would be able to cure my Candida infection if i have been infected since the age of 14.if so what can i use or do? is the product threelack a recognised product and is it FDA approved?

  11. Sorry Anon, I can't give you medical advise. You should consult a doctor. If you don't want to see a conventional doctor, check PubMed.Gov, but I would not recommend you go look for a maverick doctor or use advertised "alternative medicine" from the internet.

  12. Threelac is a probiotic. It's just for yeast overgrowth.

  13. Take the time to check out Ed McCab'es book "Flood Your Body with Oxygen." It highlights all known ways to oxygenate the body.

    Its a huge book, 640 pages, the type of book you can't put down.

    Really helps to know that children as well as adults need to oxygenate their bodies for maximum health and balance. McCabe shows how to do this.

  14. Hello, My name is Jayson and I work for a company called Brain State Technologies. We recently hired neuroscientist, Vijendra Singh, to be our Director of Research and he has been working with autism and autoimmunity problems for almost 30 years with almost 200 publications. You can google him and see lots of his work. I write to you today to ask for contacts whom you think would be interested in research opportunities with us. Thank you for the wonderful website and wealth of information you have posted. Please contact me at jaysonf at BrainStateTech dot com. Sincerely, Jayson Franklin.