Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kev: Any way you may reconsider?

Briefly, John Best Jr. has once again made an appalling impersonation of Kev's daughter (won't link to it) and of course, this has made Kev very upset. I know I would be. Kev says he's decided to stop blogging about autism in order to prevent his family from being the victims of John's immature and reprehensible behavior.

John makes Jerry Kartzinel look like a tolerant angel from heaven.

This is one of the reasons many of us blog anonymously or pseudonymously. (I'd link to other examples, but they would be in Kev's blog.) We have to be careful to even use our kids' real names in this sort of environment.

Making comparisons is probably not nice, but has this sort of thing ever been done to anyone in the EOHarm mailing list, for example? Would they happen to care at all about the behavior of one of their own?

Kev's blog (LB/RB) is perhaps the most popular autism blog in the web. It's very neurodiversity-friendly, and it discusses science in a rational manner, without the usual nonsense you see elsewhere. Losing LB/RB would be a major loss to the autism and autistic communities.

I think it would be awful if John is allowed to win this time. I realize Kev has to think about his family first. I wish there's a way he might reconsider. I'd urge readers to send a message of support to kevleitch at gmail dot com.

And John, I know you're reading. Let me appeal to your better nature, if there is such a thing in you. Retract those posts.


  1. What a despicable human being that John Best is.

    However I think the hub blogs were very naive to keep on responding and referring to him. That basically fed the troll. He should be banned, ignored, and never talked about again. All Kev needs to do is to threaten to sue his disgusting a$$ and I bet the idiot will stop harrassing him and his family.

  2. Joseph,
    I have some questions. If I receive some answers with real names attached to them, I may take some action per your request. If I have to read these anonymous slurs, forget it.
    If you read my latest blog entry, you'll see I have a simple request of Kevin. Why should I refrain from retaliating for the years of abuse I and many other parents have endured at Kevin's hands? Since information about my son has been used by Kevin and others from Neurodiversity to promote an agenda, why should I not use similar tactics?
    It's evident that those who cast the first stone now want to play the victim. You (pl) can "spin" this situation or you (pl) can use it to deescalate. What will it be?
    There are some very nice people who have had their names dragged into this and had their children mentioned when they had never said one word to or about Neurodiversity. These are people who never bothered you (pl) or your agenda. As far as this battle goes, they were silent. You (pl) went too far by stealing their words and using them out of context. This garbage has to stop. Do you want to stop it?
    Kevin did this to himself, twisting the words of all sorts of people and mocking parents as well as their children. If his skin is not thick enough, he should have thought about that before he overstepped the bounds of civilized behavior.
    I'm going to remove two posts temporarily. If I see some reasonable responses to what I have said here and on my blog, I will most likely delete them.
    You(pl) started this war. If you want to play by civilized rules, it's a two way street.

  3. Mr John Best:

    There is a good reason many parents, who have beloved children on the spectrum, use a 'nym: We value our children's right to privacy.

    You and Brad Handley and Lisa Ackerman have attempted to give Neurodiversity a bad name, which is entirely confusing ... unless you three, at heart, are all extreme bigots. What in the world is wrong with respecting those across a spectrum of neurological differences? Furthermore, there are many who have used varying biomedical agents and believe strongly in respecting the civil rights of those on the spectrum, so your and Handley's and Ackerman's tired argument of "doing nothing" is a blatant lie.

    In waging your pseudo-war, you and your compatriots have directed harm toward one child in particular. You, personally, have waged an appallingly abusive vendetta against an innocent child. There has been no one who considers themselves part of the Neurodiverse Movement who has singled-out anyone's child for abuse.

    You've nothing to stand on, John. You know what the right thing to do is and you refuse to do it. You wrote to me for biomedical advice several years ago, John, and I answered you to the best of my scientific ability. My advice to you now is for you to issue an immediate apology and to delete your blog post haste.

  4. McGuffin,
    Is this slop anywhere near a reasonable comment?

  5. John,

    There is absolutely no comparison between what you've done (impersonating a little girl) and quoting from a mailing list with 2000 members. Everyone on that list is perfectly aware that what is posted there is not a secret, and I know you are perfectly aware of that. Furthermore, you have described your son's behaviors all over the web. The fact that Kev quoted you on it in no way justifies you actions.

    The EOHarm mailing list description explains it perfectly well:

    While the EOHarm list is membership moderated, it is a political and public forum. All postings to this list should be considered public, and not private or confidential statements.

    It's a political and public forum. It stands to reason that people interested in discussing the politics of autism might want to quote from there.

    I have quoted from EOHarm many times. Can you explain, for example, what is inherently wrong with this?

    No one from the Hub has ever impersonated your child that I know of, while pretending to be a monkey, or anything like that. Don't you see this is wrong?

    If Kev has actually "twisted" the words of people, can't they comment there and correct him? If they want, they can comment here. I allow all comments, except those that violate Blogger's TOS.

    You want pseudonymous bloggers to reveal their identities to you now? Right, so that you can impersonate their kids too?

  6. Joe,
    Many people on the EOHarm list and the Autism Mercury list are unaware that vultures troll the lists looking for any slip of the tongue that they can use against them. As I said, nice, respectable people are there trying only to help their children.
    If anything I have said was unprovoked, you'd all have good reason for your feigned outrage. This little spat is immaterial to the fact that Neurodiversity continues to give out false information about chelation and thimerosal. Those lies harm children. I don't like that.

  7. Mr Best has not only stolen a young girl's identity at various times throughout the last year, but he's now also trolling (illegally) for alleged monetary funds for her (which she's not in need of) to be sent to his home address. Mr Best knows his actions are completely wrong, but apparently he's a slave to his rage and is not able to stop himself from causing harm to others.

  8. John,

    Differences of opinion and quoting from mailing lists (even if those quoted were unaware that what they say is public domain, even if they were taken out of context) simply do not justify what you have done. I hear you have not only impersonated little children, and illegally solicited funds on thier behalf, but I'm told you've also issued threats of death. Your whole blog is one despicable thing after another, John.

    If any blog should be retired, it's yours. Unfortunately, the world is often not fair.

  9. "Neurodiversity continues to give out false information about chelation and thimerosal."

    Neurodiversity, as everyone knows, is a word; a philosophy; a way of thinking. It's not an organized, monolithic entity, but Mr Best and his compatriots (Handley; Ackerman; et al) attempt to define it as such, so they can appear as if they are poor, beleaguered parents fighting the big, bad system.

    False information? Cite it now, please, Mr Best. Anyone involved in the neurodiverse movement values Truth and Science very,very highly.

  10. Joe,
    I can certainly understand that Neurodiversity would like to see my blog gone. Amanda's lawyer following me around the internet and anyone else who points out the apparent fraud seems like a better reason than Kevin's crocodile tears though.

    Kev can do his little drama queen act if he likes. I've long since become numb to ND abuses of my son, even though I'm not fond of them. I'm not running away whining about it.

  11. There are legal ways to stop this that have been mentioned. Have we so little belief in the rule of law that a person who has made threats of harm and illegally solicited funds is just going to be chastised in a forum he already disdains? He should be referred to the US Attorney for the district in which he resides or the one (UK) district in which Kev resides. I'm certain that this qualifies as the tort of invasion of privacy in the US, and in the UK, it probably is slander.

  12. "Kev can do his little drama queen act if he likes. "

    Apparantly you have become numb to how you yourself appear.

  13. I feel badly for Kev and his blog. I have gained much information and help from him and his blog, and it's a shame that one of the most helpful blogs may be ending because of this histrionic, bpd emotional terrorism. At the very least, Kev should look into legal remedies even if the blog is history. Or perhaps the blog could be reopened under an alias, or someone else can take up the cause.

    And I agree. Feed a troll and he just grows hungrier.

    Metta, Rjaye.

  14. I have come under attack by neurodiversity for what I do with my foundation and its website... and for the biomedical interventions I employ to help my daughter (rather successfully, I will add). All I have ever gotten is grief by Leitch, Clark, Adams and others...

    When I have called out a few pseudonymous bloggers who attack me by name... they play the victim card without missing a beat. Kent Adams (aka Christschool) is a good example. I see little difference between him and Kevin Leitch. Perhaps Leitch is a little less creepy... but all the same, I have to agree with John Best about the hypocrisy he mentions. I may not always agree with John's methods, but he's right to point out that Neurodiversity has its hands dirty, too.


  15. Best, you are a sick man. I've always said it. You accuse Kev of doing nothing different to what you did - and that is a crock of shit. At no time did Kev EVER attack any children. EVER! He has criticised their parents - and ONLY their parents. And yet you seem to think Megan is fair game?

    Any sane person will tell you that is NOT ON!

    OK - before anyone says it, yes I did put a mirror message on my Wiki (replacing Megan with Sam). I did that in retaliation to see how Best liked it. I don't know if Best has seen it or not, but if he wants ME to remove that he has to apologise publicly to Kev AND Megan for his stunts. There was no excuse for them at all and it was to achieve one end and one end only. To rid the Internet of one of it's champions.

    And as it stands, it looks like he may have succeeded.

    For that, John Best remains 100 percent condemned.

    But then what do you expect from a meglomaniacal bully like him?

  16. Erik: Did Kev ever impersonate your daughter? Did he solicit funds on her behalf? Or did he simply disagree with your methods and beliefs?

    Explain to us what it means for him to "attack you" so we can have a reference for comparison.

    BTW, for those who are wondering about legal recourse, I'm sure Kev has thought of that.

  17. I don't agree with many of Kevin Leitch's views. Like many in the ND universe, he is too quick to embrace junk science that agrees his view. The same is true for the EoH crowd. There is very little HARD science to rely on.

    However, I believe he is a good man and a good father. His daughter, like all of our children, should be off limits. Anyone who takes cheap shots at a child is weak.

    Bullies should NEVER be allowed to win.

  18. The thug is the kid on the playground who wants so badly to be friends with the cool group that they can send him to do things they know will get him hurt or in trouble, laughing all the while. He lives for the approval of people like J.B. Handley, Lisa Ackerman, and Lenny Schafer. I don't see them calling on him to end his behavior. They are complicit in it.

  19. Perhaps I'm not qualified to say anything, being neither an autistic nor a parent but merely a close friend/significant other of a probably subclinical autistic-type person, but I find this all this petty and dirty fighting over who's being a better or worse parent to their kids kind of stupid. People may or may not be helping kids with special diets, behavioral programs, or nothing but love...but they're probably not helping kids by having flame wars over who's helping their kids or not, and especially when they bring each other's kids into the issue.

    All these people allegedly have a common cause: trying to help their children lead happy lives. They simply disagree on how to do it. Granted, the disagreements are quite major, but I don't think there's any ground for any of them to say that those who disagree with their techniques for child-rearing love their kids any less.

    I know it's not a simple issue, as some ways of raising children could really be harmful, but couldn't it be done without flame wars and threats?

  20. Reform_normal: I agree that there are no grounds to suggest that group of people love their kids more or less than any other group. They may accept them more or less - that's a bit different.

    But that's not what the debate is about. There are issues at stake. If I had to characterize what drives the debate is concern for kids' futures. On both sides. One side believes the way to address the issue is by somehow eliminating autism, so they don't have to worry about it later. For some reason they get caught up in implausible hypotheses pulled out of thin air. The other side looks at the science and sees this is no more than wishful thinking. The vast majority of autistic kids will always be autistic. Planning for the future should proceed accordingly.

    Another angle is that of autistic adults. We just don't see autism as something that should be eliminated. We also would like to be accepted in society, and much of the autism discourse clearly does not help with this.

  21. Reform, I'll add to what Joseph said and specify John Best by saying that he has constantly called parents who don't embrace the idea of curing Autism through chelation a multitude of derogatory terms. He's done nothing else but whine and carry on like a school yard bully. Isles is right - it's about time Generation Rescue publicly disowned his attitude.

  22. I have made it a point in my blogging not to use the names of other people's kids, even if I know them IRL and disagree with the method of parenting... and I try to stay out of that whole issue. My own blogging about autism is based in my own personal experience. So to the conspiracy theorists, let's not assume everyone in the neurodiversity blogsphere is personally mentioning other people's kids.

    As I said on my blog, I am not unsympathetic to the challenges of raising any child, whether or not they have autism, and I'm not going to tell someone they're a "bad parent" when I don't have kids myself. But I am an adult on the spectrum, I was in childhood taken to various doctors, given odd diets and supplements and "therapy" and guess what, folks, I'm still autistic. I've learned to adapt in some ways, to survive in a neurotypical society, but I'm still... me.

    I wish things hadn't escalated this far, that being said. The names of people's children need to be left out of discussion, bottom line. The world is not a safe place, and even more unsafe for children. Posting IRL information on the Internet is dangerous. This is why I blog under the name I use for publication rather than my actual legal name. I'm not a child, but I know IRL information in the wrong hands can be dangerous. Furthermore, I talked this situation over with a friend of mine who is an attorney and he says that some legal boundaries were violated. It's up to Kev Leitch whether or not he wants to pursue legal action, however.

  23. There is nothing lower than imitating a child on the Autism spectrum, as some kind of sick joke.

    John Best is nothing but a high school bully grown up. He is a monster.

    Making fun of a child who struggles with disabilities. A child who shows much more courage than John Best has ever shown in his pathetic life. Animals prey on the weak, and John Best is a predatory animal.

  24. Holy crap, I looked at John Best's profile on Blogspot. One of his favorite books is Mein Kampf. I'm dead serious. Un-freaking-belivable. He might as well have posted Swastikas all over his site.

  25. It's so terribly ironic that one of these crusading 'parents' should cry about how terribly abusive the neurodiverse are. Speaking as someone who endured the 'care' of concerned parents, which ranged from 'therapy' to convince me everything I thought and felt was wrong and I should forget about being myself and learn to mimic people, to being beaten for not making eye contact almost to a recreational degree, I find that laughable.

    Someone like Best can't handle the fact that he didn't get a perfect clone of himself to live through vicariously and feed his narcissistic need for something to emulate him.

    The real NT conceit of this is that he pretends he can even comprehend the perspective of an autistic child-- not only that, that he can do so better than actual autistic people, who have BEEN autistic children. You want the perspective of an autistic child? Try growing up not really understanding why everybody seems to think you are so terrible and wrong, why people act like your parents should get sympathy, why people act strangely and irrationally, and why nothing about you as a person is important if you don't manage to please the NTs around you. Try being raised with ads telling people what an epidemic you are, with commercials that dramatize and exploit and outright fake the things you go through for dramatic effect. Try having it be so all-fired important that you be like somebody else's vision of themselves that they are willing to hold you in their arms and tell the world how they'd throw you off a bridge if it weren't for their normal child. (thank you Autism Speaks, that's just lovely.) You want the perspective of THIS autistic child? I wish like hell that the oh-so-martyred parents of autistics would just give them up for adoption by people who can actually care about a PERSON rather than just how that person makes them FEEL.

    Get a puppy. It will let you pick it up and hug it and it will respond all over the place when you want it to. Stop making an entire segment of the population feel like a blight on the earth just because you're disappointed your genes didn't yield up another YOU.