Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Let's Help Out DAN!

It appears that Defeat Autism Now! can no longer use the DAN! acronym after a cease and desist claim issued by the Divers Alert Network (EOHarm message #65738.) Over at EOHarm they are saying that it's because of DAN!'s "success" (sure) but it's really because both organizations have a connection to HBOT.

That's too bad, isn't it? I thought it would be nice if we could help out DAN! get a new acronym for their organization. You know, something that is not too disimilar to the old DAN! acronym. Here are my suggestions.

  1. DAMN!
    Defeating Autism, Maybe, Not sure!

  2. DKAM!
    David Kirby, Arithmetic Master!

  3. NAD!
    Now Against Diversity!

Any other ideas?


  1. I understand they can't use the acronym DAN at all, with or without the exclamation point.

    I found something interesting about HBOT from the Divers Alert Network.

    Q: I am undergoing hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatments and have noticed that my vision is slowly getting worse. Why is this happening?

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may cause a change in the way that the lens of the eye refracts light. This change occurs slowly and is usually not noticed until after a week or two of treatment. If the HBO therapy continues to that point or beyond, the patient may experience a slow myopic (nearsighted) change...

    DAMN! is right.

  2. Have they issued a cease and desist to DAN! Olmsted yet?

    Defeat Diversity Instantly

    Genetic Epidemics Never Offer Valid Answers

  3. SCAMM -

    Stealing Cash from Autism Mercury Moms

  4. CRAP - Conning Ridiculous Autism Parents

  5. Create Real Autism Panic (CRAP)

  6. SNAG - Silly Neurotypicals Against Genetics

  7. OK, I've been outed.

    I have been a member of DAN for over 10 years. I even know and approve of people who have been in hyberbaric chambers.

  8. For immediate release:

    Defeat 'ottism huh? has a new celebrity spokesperson: Homer Simpson. Homer says, "D'oh has been a major part of my life and my son's life".

  9. Guess what, Dr. Jerry "Souless" Kartzinel will be on Good Morning America tomorrow. Sounds like the Jenny/DAN lobby is working really well. Unless GMA starts doing some real reporting and refutes the DAN's views on autism.

  10. I hope they ask him how it is that he cured one of his in-laws who has Alzheimer's.

    These would be good questions as well: Dr. Kartzinel, do you believe autistic persons are soul-less? Do you believe autistic children make little or no developmental progress unless they are treated with the methods you promote? (He said so in the book.)

  11. Chelation &
    Organization for

  12. Destroy Autistics Forever in Time! (DAFT!)


  13. I just noticed that EOHarm is no longer a discussion list about "Evidence of Harm" the book. It's about 'Environmental Harm" : mercury in vaccines and the environment.

  14. Interesting. Even they must adapt to the changing realities of human knowledge.

  15. DARN!

    Defeat Autism Resisters Now (cure)

    or as in Oh DARN! Our pet hypotheses keep getting more iffy and more bad science reports.

  16. I like DAMN.