Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ThreeLac Or How Biomed Is Getting Out Of Hand

ThreeLac is an alternative treatment for candida/yeast/fungal infections which seems to be receiving considerable attention as a biomed autism treatment thanks to Jenny McCarthy. I wouldn't be surprised if it soon overshadows other treatments currently in vogue, such as Chelation Therapy or Me-B12 injections.

ThreeLac is unproven, of course. There are no published studies on its effectiveness as it relates to any condition, never mind autism.

However, there is one "study" underway which purports to demonstrate its effectiveness as an autism treatment. I'm not going to link to its web page but it's easy to find if you're interested. It is not a controlled study, as you can imagine. It's reminiscent of the uncontrolled work Amy Holmes did in the early days of Chelation Therapy for autism. In any such uncontrolled "studies", you will find that the children "improve", some markedly. I would go as far as to say, frankly, that non-controlled treatment studies are worse than useless in autism for reasons that should be well known by now.

What caught my attention about the ThreeLack "study" was the "existing supplement routine prior to and during the study." It's jaw-dropping. The following is a selected list of existing supplements taken by some of the children in the study.

Child #2: Magnetic clay baths finished, transdermal DMPS – ongoing. Other supplements: H. Pheno, H Enzyme HN – Mult, H. Enzy – APF – gfcf, Zn monomethionine, Folic acid, Multicarotene, Co Q10, Black Currant, V E, Epson S cream, EFA, D Plex, B Complex, Eskimo oil, CLO flavored, Myelized A, PicMins, Custom amino acid base, LGS, 5-HTP, taurine, OPC – 100, Biotin-8, Sacro-B, L-carnitine. Parent's comments: "He likes to watch picture of books. His eye contact has improved. He sleeps 7-8 hours every day. He is gentle. He enjoys his life. He often smiles. So, we all enjoy peaceful life."

Child #3: No chelation listed. Other supplements: Carnosine, H. Pheno, H. Enzyme HN – Mult, H. Enzy – APF – gfcf, Zn monomethionine, Folic acid, Multi-Carotene, Co Q10, Black currant, V E, Epson S Cream, EFA, D Plex, B Complex, Eskimo oil, CLO, Myelized A, PicMins, Custom amino acid base, LGS, 5-HTP, taurine, OPC-100, Biotin – 8, L-Lysine. Parent's comments: "He can solve many questions of Science, Social Studies, Arithmetic, and Language. He likes to read Harry Potter. He is gentle."

Child #4: TD-DMPS finished June 2005. Other supplements: Ambrotrose, Arabinex, Ascorbic acid, Amino acid, Biotin, Black currant oil, calcium Citramate, Carnosine, Cod liver oil, Co-Enzyme Q10, DMG + Flonic acid, D Plex, EFA, Enzymes – NF, ZP, AFP, Eskimo 3 fish oil, Glutathione cream, Glutathione liquid, 5-HTP Tryptophan, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, Magnesium sulfate, Mercurious Virus, Monolaurin, Multi-carotene, N-Acetyl Cysteine, OPC-100, Pantethine, Pic-Mins, Pyridoxal 5 phosphate, RNA – Nerve Calm, RNA – Health Foundation, RNA – Stress Foundation, RNA – Mood Focus, Sac. Boullardii, Selenium, Transfer Factor, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Zinc Sulphate.

Child #5: DMSA, Clay baths, TD-DMPS, still in progress. Other supplements: Super Nu Thera, Vitamin C, TMG/Folinic Acid/B12, CoQ10, Amino Acids, Methylcobalamin shot, Enzymes, Glutathione, Milk Thistle, Cod Liver oil, Monolaurin, Pro-Bio Gold, Hemp oil, EP oil, Multi Mineral, Transfer Factor, Zinc. Parent's comments: "Improved computer skills, improved handwriting and spelling. Has mastered tying shoes on shoe board."

Child #7: TD DMPS, ongoing. Other supplements: Lipoceutical Glutathione, Multi-vitamin, Multi-mineral, Buffered Vitamin C, Zinc, Transfer Factor, Amino Acid blend, L-Carnitine, Taurine, MB12 shots & Folinic Acid, Cod Liver oil. Parent's comments: "Toilet training improved (B.M.'s are the best)."

Child #8: Magnetic Clay baths and Transdermal DMPS gel ongoing. Other supplements: Vitamin E w/Tocotrienols 400I.U., B-Complex #3 caps, Multi-Vitamin Pro-Support, Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Malate, Zinc Monomethionine, Calcium Citramate, Pic-Mins (multi-minerals), Epsom Salt Cream, FlorVital Iron liquid, Cod Liver oil, CoQ10, BAM (Amino Acid base), L-Carnitine, Glycine, TMG w. Folinic acid & B12, L-Theanine, Melatonin, Sacro-B, O.P.C. (oligomeric Pranthocyanidin), Lipoceutical Glutithione, Methyl-B12 shots, Enzymes: No-Fenol, Zyme Prime, AFP Peptizyde. Parent's comments: "He is much better. Overall, a much calmer boy."

Child #9: Oral DMSA, two rounds only during study. Daily application of TTFD chelating cream. Other supplements: Essential fatty acids, Multi-vitamin, amino acids, Acetyl l-carnitine, Vitamin C, B6, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin E, Transfer Factors, Methylcobalamin injections, Glutathione lotion. Parent's comments: "She has improved well in areas of sociability and cognition. Sociability is 60% improved, irritability is 20% improved and academic is 60% improved."

Child #10: Oral DMSA, 3/2005 – present. Other supplements: Pic-Mins, zinc monomethionine, selenium picolinate, magnesium malate, N-acetyl cysteine, L-carnitine, OPC-100, carnosine, taurine, multicarotene, CoQ10, glycine, biotin, folinic acid, Kirkman Nu Thera Everyday Companion, Kirkman EFA, amino acid mix, B-complex, vitamin A, vitamin B6 (P5P), vitamin C, vitamin E, black currant oil, fish oil, cod liver oil, glutathione, B-12 injections, T.A.P.S. (liver support), TTFD.

Child #11: DMPS transdermal prior to starting ThreeLac and ended in May, 2005, changing to clay baths. Other supplements: Micel A drops, Wellness LipoCeutical Glutathione, Black Elderberry extract, Cod liver oil, Eskimo oil, Transfer Factor, NAC, Multiple vitamin Pro Support, Magnesium malate, Selenium, Zinc monomethionine, Pic-Mins, ASD-Plex, Nu-Thera Everyday Companion, Amino acids, H. No-Fenol, H. HN-Zyme Prime Multi, H. Enzyme AFP Peptizyde cfgf, Kirkman vitamin C candies, Balanced Omega combination, Black currant oil, Hydrosoluble CoQ-10, Multi-carotene, Vitamin E, Taurine, L-Carnitine, O.P.C., Biotin-8, B-Complex #3, Folinic acid, Empsom salt cream, Zinc Sulfate cream, Methyl-B12 shot, Melatonin. Parent's comments: "She was off ThreeLac and all supplements completely for 8 weeks, and her diarrhea (of > 1yr) never returned. She also showed no regression and her behavior is that of a recovered autistic child (no behavioral symptoms). She is now able to tolerate moderate amounts of sugar, and we just started her on 1 packet/day maintenance and the rest of her supplements ½ dose. I think she's completely normal except for needing to stay on the diet and supplements. She still has a bit of a speech delay, but improved so much that it doesn't get in her way of making friends. She's one of the friendliest kids in her class. If you were to observe the class and guess which one is autistic, you probably wouldn't guess (my daughter). She's 90% potty trained."

Child #12: TD-DMPS ongoing. Other supplements: Custom amino acid, Carnosine, Buffered C, DMG w/ B-12 + folinic acid, Pic-Mins, OPC-100, Magnesium Malate, Transfer Factor, Co-Q10, LGS, Selenium Picolinate, Black Currant Oil, Folinic Acid, Sacro-B, Calcium Citramate, Vitamin E, B-Complex, Biotin-8, Zinc Monomethionine, Glycine, Micelized Vitamin A, Cod Liver Oil, Omega Brite, RNA, GABA, Pantethine, LipoCeutical Glutathione, TTFD cream, Glutathione cream, Epsom salts cream and baths. Parent's comments: "His imagination skills have improved. The ThreeLac has made a huge improvement with his stools. Mouthing has improved 100% and lining up objects has improved 50%."

Child #13: TD-DMPS since 12/6/2004, ongoing. Other supplements: Transfer Factor Advanced, Trace Mins, Pic Mins, Zinc Picolinate, Vit E with Tocotrienols, Evening Primrose oil, Black Currant, CoQ-10, Cod liver oil, Eskimo oil, Magnesium Malate, L-Tyrosine, D-Plex, Customized Amino Acids, Selenium, Biotin-8, B Complex #3, MB-12, Melatonin, 5HTP, GABA, Buffered C Powder, Calcium C, Taurine, Multi Vit Pro Support. Parent's comments: "Fine motor skills 50% improved. He is almost 100% toilet trained (90% improved)."

Child #16: Clay baths – ongoing. Other supplements: AFP-Peptizyde, B-12 shot, Black Currant Oil, Carnosine, Cod Liver Oil, Custom Amino Acid Base, DMG w/Folinic Acid, D-Plex, EFA, Epsom S Cream, Eskimo-3 Oil, Hydrosoluble CoQ-10, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, Lipoceutical Glutathinoe, L-Methionine, Lycopene, Magnesium Malate, Micel-A, NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine, No Fenol, Nu-Thera/Everyday Companion, Pantethine, Pic-Mins, Super Nu-Thera, Taurine, Vital-10, Vitamin E w/ Tocotrienols, Zinc, Zinc Monomethionine, Zyme Prime. Parent's comments: "He went from being mostly non-verbal to a "chatter box." He enjoys talking and singing. He has been diagnosed with apraxia of speech and as a result it's not always easy to understand what he's saying...but it's a huge improvement over where he was at when we started."

Child #17: Clay baths – ongoing. Other supplements: 5-HTP, AFP-Peptizyde, B-12 shot, B-Complex w/ CoEnzymes Pro, Black Currant Oil, Black Elderberry Extract, Cod Liver Oil, DMG w/ Folinic Acid, Epsom S Cream, Eskimo-2 Oil, Floradix, Glycine, Hydrosoluble CoQ-10, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, Lipoceutical Glutathione, L-Phenylalanine, Lycopene, Magnesium Malate, Melatonin, Micel-A, NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine, No Fenol, Nu-Thera/Everyday Companion, O.P.C.-100, Pantethine, Pic-Mins, Super Nu-Thera, Taurine, Vital-10, Vitamin E w/ Tocotrienols, Zinc Monomethionine, Zyme Prime. Parent's comments: "She has always been a "chatter box." We have seen amazing changes in her as well. On her annual IQ tests she scored 39 points higher than last year... and 49 points on the other IQ test. If she was reevaluated today, the psychologist expects that she would lose her diagnosis."

Damn. I hope the reason most children in the study take so many supplements is because the study self-selects for curebie parents. Additionally, I hope these kids make it through all that.

This reminds me of a supplement soup JB Handley was giving his kid, but I couldn't find the link to that.


  1. Yikes! I know a lot of that, like the clay baths and the black currents, is harmless, but it can't be good for these kids to have so many potentially physiologically active substances in their diet.

  2. Those poor kids. How do you even get all of that stuf in your kid? On second thought, I don't want to know.

    This ThreeLac stuff is a probiotic, I'm assuming that it's 3 strains of lactobacilli, but what can be better than three strains? FiveLac!

  3. I'd imagine they put it in the food without the kids knowing.

  4. (imitating)

    Oh MoOOOOooom!, how come my cold cerial tastes like dried fish guts and seaweed today?
    (gag spit puke)

  5. Geez, it's hard to make my son take ONE multivitamin a day, I can't imagine how they get those poor kids to swallow 30 supplements a day. It's probably mixed in the food or juice, or shoved in their mouths via syringe.

    I also wonder if all those supplements are not hurting the kids' stomachs/liver etc.

  6. That's my thinking as well. What are the odds that not one of those supplements is toxic long term? We're not talking trivial doses here I'm sure.

  7. Just wanted to mention Threelac has been out there for a long time, its not a new thing. It is very strong, anti yeast treatment.

  8. mother of child with autism,
    well if all you have is criticism, does anyone have suggestions for chronic abdominal bloating and alternating diarrhea with constipation?, by the way, it's easy to get your kids to take more than 1 supplement/vitamin...get creative.

  9. Yes, I'd suggest you talk to your pediatrician.

  10. Hi, wanted to delurk. I'm an autistic-spectrum adult female and have been following your blog for awhile as well as some others, and I have to say I've found it very helpful.

    That said, I believe in healthy eating, and that food can affect your thoughts and behavior, HOWEVER, I don't think poor diet causes autism nor does good diet "cure" autism and there's a difference between promoting healthy eating habits and doing some weird fad diet and/or giving mega-doses of Whatever long term.

    I live in Southern California and Jenny McCarthy and the Curebie squad are set to hit my home turf quite soon. I find it funny that in my work with the local autistic community, the parents seem to not want to socialize with the autistic adults, like they just want us to go away and not disturb their comfort zones and associated belief systems anymore.

    Oh and by the way: taking mass doses of a probiotic IS harmful. Just as taking mass doses of an antibiotic can mess up your tract, taking mass doses of a probiotic can also cause harm. Too much of anything is not a good idea.


  11. Hi Sigrun. I assume you have found the Autism Hub already.

    I agree that nutrition and having a healthy gut is important. I just have a problem with people who proclaim they know what causes autism and how to cure it, based on just-so stories.

  12. Hi Joseph,

    Yes, I've found the Hub, and I also read Ballasexistenz and NTs are Weird (love that name) on a regular basis. I'd actually like to know how to get my blog on the Autism Hub. I mean, it's a LiveJournal and most of it is friend-locked but I'm trying to return to public posts in regards to some of my autistic stuff, esp. in light of recent *ahem* misinformation *ahem*.

    And I absolutely agree with you about people who say "mercury, junk food, video games and (Hot Theory of the Week) cause autism" being completely wrong. Nutrition is great, but quackery is not.

    The thing with DAN!, DAMN!, or whatever they're going to call themselves :) is they have maybe 8 "cured" kids who don't look all that non-autistic to me, and there are parents out here in Southern California who I've actually witnessed with my own eyes, talking about their efforts to "cure" their kid which results on them hopping on the bandwagon of This Week's Autism Cure. Meanwhile, the kid needs acceptance, not "you're wrong and we want to make you something different".

    I realize because I can talk that people tell me, "Well you don't have MY child's kind of autism", however, I have firsthand experience with neuroleptic drugs and institutionalization because of how "severe" I supposedly am/was/whatever, and neither of those things help, really. (For the record, I'm not on neuroleptics or institutionalized right now.) On the other hand, being in a safe and supportive environment, and being allowed to be myself, have helped out with the things that are really a problem, depression and anxiety.

    We're not "wrong", just different. "Curing" me of my autism would make me a fundamentally different person, and it smacks of, oh I don't know, trying to cure someone of being Jewish or gay.

    Thanks. Keep blogging, you all are a great source of support in my journey.

  13. Sigrun, you need to talk to Kev (kevleitch at gmail dot com) about Autism Hub membership. I'm not sure if the hub is currently accepting new members, but you can ask him. Certainly, your views are consistent with the purpose statement of the hub.

  14. I know it seems a bit overboard, but I have a 2 year old son who I cant give up hope that some of these things may work. He is my whole heart and I cant stop trying to find something that may work for him to make him better. I'm glad for you that you dont have to be sad everyday that this is your child. But, I will never stop searching for treatment. I have HOPE.

  15. Anon: I am the parent of a classically autistic child. If you want science-based information on what you can reasonably hope for, see my most recent post.

    Of course, parents are free to pursue alternative medicine; just be careful not to hurt the kid in the process. Can you be sure that stuff is safe when there haven't been clinical trials on it?

  16. Honestly it is so shocking to me the amount of anger that some have toward jenny mccarthy. I am a mother who's son was just diagnosed with autism last week and I will tell you unless you have lived it and feel the pain that comes with not knowing how to help, don't judge. You will do anything to help get your baby better!

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  18. I am an adult who lives on the autism spectrum (very mild) and I have a child who has autism (probably moderate). I can without a doubt say that some of this alternative therapy is true. As a child, I was on antibiotics until I was 15. Now I have yeast issues. I constantly have bacteria issues and probably have lyme disease. My brother who is an aspie could not metabolize vitamins so he could not grow eyebrows and had rough skin. All of the things that I experienced as a child, my child is experiencing now. For the record, I am usually in a fog because I feel like crap.

  19. I have a 4 year old who is autistic. He went from totally uncomunicative to only mild autism in two years. I never pursued diet as he was improving, but as my other child who is two has celiac sprue and other digestiv/allergy problems, I decided to see what would happen if I put Jameson on the same diet & got rid of refined sugar. Wow, he doesn't look ill anymore! The fact is that many things in moderation are good, and talk to your doctor or test some of this on yourself first. Our kids carry our genes after all.

  20. The angst of watching your child struggle with autistic symptoms cannot be explained. It's natural for parents to want to try to fix it if they can. Thank God we were able to reverse my son's autism by using anti yeast/parasite measures and supplemental nutrition. It has taken many years and was incredibly hard. It's easy to judge others...but to understand is to have compassion, which is what these families need.

  21. If I wasn't the parent of an autistic child, not to mention autistic myself, your complaint might make some sense. However, I know what it is like to have an autistic child and I don't see why I should be inclined to give you compassion. I don't think your child would think it's OK for you to request compassion about having to care for him/her.

  22. I wonder why you are so anti treatment. Many of these kids (mine included) have significant physical problems (gut issues, diarrhea, allergies) that beg for treatment. My son had an autistic regression at 18 months and lost the ability to point, wave, speak and lost eye contact overnight. He got better with a gluten free/casein free/soy free diet and supplements (fish oil, B6, B12, probiotics, enzymes) He is a talkative, happy boy now and not the spacey wasting away chronically sick kid who couldn't even say mama. What is the problem with parents trying to heal their kids. Why is it so hard for people to believe that there is treatment for this disorder???

    There is a ton of science to back up the treatment. Poor diet-->Less glutathione to detoxify-->environmental toxins you can't detoxify b/c low in vitamins and poor nutritional status-->body clings to metals and pesticides and is overloaded.

    This is very tricky disease and it doesn't lend itself to the double blind studies, which is why few are done. But doctors are healing these kids. They might not all recover, but many get better.

    Probiotics are hugely important because of our processed food and antibiotics in the food supply. See my blog for more and more

  23. This is very tricky disease and it doesn't lend itself to the double blind studies,

    That doesn't make sense considering that many double-blind studies have been done. Maybe what you're arguing against is science as a way of knowing. Good luck with that.

    If you don't understand the point of view of those of us who are skeptical of unproven autism treatments, that means you are way new to this discussion.

  24. I have a hard time understanding why so many are so judgemental about something are are not experiencing. With all do respect, this includes adult's on the spectrum. If you are on this blog writing and judging, then you shouldnt be because most kids who are on supplements and diets have MAJOR medical problems. My small child tested HIGHLY positive for casein peptides in his urine and after taking all milk products away he no longer runs into wall or doorways and does not have bruises all over his face. He can now look at me once in awhile and does not space out. My son also lost ALL speech and social skills. Now some of his social skills are coming back.
    also, please understand that when children are put on supplements it is for a reason. My sons numbers on all of his tests are through the roof. It would have made you cry to read that he is under major stress according to his lab work. So as parents you are telling me that you would not give your child that has bloating diarhea, consitipation, bites himself, does not sleep because he is in so much stomach pain, and even grabs my hand to put on his bellie trying to say it hurts because he can not talk....and you think as a parent you wouldnt give your kids supplements? You would in this situation. Oh, did i mention that he also has toxic amounts of arsenic and other heavy metals in his body, all from a certified lab!!
    We just started supplements and i will try it if it will help ease my sons pain and discomfort. Please do not be judgemental!! I really wish adult's on the spectrum would be supportive and help rather than wasting their time judging, when they can talk and are obviously not in as much pain as my young son...or else you wouldnt be on here posting. I wish we would feel comfortable approaching ASD adults, but comments like these would obviosuly hinder that. Spend one week with my child...then judge me!!!

    A very disappointed mother of an ASD son

  25. Note: Spam is not allowed in comments. I just deleted 3 spam comments in this thread.

  26. Please do not be judgemental!! I really wish adult's on the spectrum would be supportive and help rather than wasting their time judging, when they can talk and are obviously not in as much pain as my young son...or else you wouldnt be on here posting.

    That's an assumption you probably shouldn't be making. Second, I'm a parent of a non-verbal autistic child. The fact that I'm autistic also is incidental. Do I have less of a right to speak as a parent because of this? Argue this point if you think so.

    I can be as judgmental as I want of poor standards of science, anecdotes presented as data, and so forth. In fact, people should not keep quiet about this crap just because some people might be offended.

  27. I didn't even know Jenny M recommended ThreeLac. I used it because of a throat problem my 16 year old autistic daughter constantly deals with (multiple years). No doctor helped. I did some googling and figured out it might be a candida problem in her throat. I gave her the ThreeLac - one packet a day and her throat got better. That and her seasonal allergies have not emerged as they usually do this time of year. I have not supplemented her with vitamins and the like up to this point, but I understand why parents do that. I tried a couple things when my daughter was much younger, but figured out they weren't helping her and didn't see the point of continuing. For now I would have to say that the ThreeLac helped; and since it did it seemed logical to consider that candida may be a systemic issue for her. Since that may be the case I have opted for a candida cleanse program that doesn't last too long, doesn't require much to maintain, and has already resulted in improvement within the first month - for my daughter. I would have to agree that it might not be what everyone needs, but for now we are trying it.

  28. My 6 year old daughter is autistic. I am not here to argue. I understand both points of veiw. I love my daughter very much, and i love her for who she is as an autistic child. I am just here to find out what a parent on the spectrum does for their autistic children. What do you do when your child doesnt want to wear clothes. What do you do when they don't want to potty train. What do you do when they have bowel and tummy troubles. What do you do when they don't want do school work? What do you do when they don't want to eat the meal that you have fixed for them? What do you do when its time to wash their hair. What do you do when they have a nasty eczema outbreak? What do you do when they don't talk? What do you do when they hurt themselves or others?

    Like i said, I'm not here to argue. I just want to know. I haven't tried supplements and so forth. I am open to any help. I'm am really interested in what it is that works for you.

  29. @Anon: I guess we do pretty much the same thing a parent who is not on the spectrum would do.

    My son doesn't experience many of the problems you listed. We potty-trained him when he was about 5, without many problems since. He doesn't have the health issues you listed. When he gets sick, we take him to the pediatrician. He is not aggressive in any significant way.

    What do I do when he doesn't talk? I'm not sure what you mean. He's never really talked.

  30. I guess i mean how do you understand what he wants. My daughter has some language but can not always tell me what is wrong or what she wants and so she has an enraged fit and i don't know how to handle it sometimes.

  31. I think we can typically figure it out. He pulls us. If he wants food, he takes it out of the fridge himself.

    I'm sure it frustrates him that he can't communicate everything he wants to communicate, but we've survived so far. Hopefully at some point he'll learn some type of communication that is a lot more flexible.

  32. I know I am responding to a post from February, but I will put this out there for Anonymous.

    You should definitely try ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy for your child. Your child will learn how to communicate in some form. They teach your child how to self-initiate requests using pictures (PECS), sign language, and eventually verbal language. They also teach your child attention and attending skills, visual and auditory discrimination, and imitation. This therapy is amazing and proven to help children all over the spectrum. Your child's tantrums will decrease because they are able to communicate and will become less frustrated. Your state may also pay for the total cost of ABA therapy. I know California does because they are helping my child right now. Check out your state's Early Intervention Program.

  33. Jenny, psychologist, behaviour specialist.7/09/2010 4:37 AM

    The threelac experiements for autism state that in a small amount of children who develop autism later, i.e develop normally then regress at around 18 months - 2 years, like Jenny Mcarthy's son, have been shown to have high levels of candida in their systems. Therefore, their autistic characteristics that led to diagnosis were more likely a result of the candida rather than autism. For these FEW "autistic" children, the threelac 'cured' the autistic symptoms. In other words, they never had autism in the first place. They had systemic Candida. For other children who do have autism, the threelac is beneficial for the many other problems and food sensitivities that can come with autism.

  34. ...have been shown to have high levels of candida in their systems.

    Citation? In PubMed, there's only one paper that mentions candida and autism. It's not a study. It's more like a woo-friendly opinion piece, published in Alternative Medicine Review.

  35. I appreciate the bio-diversity viewpoint. However, the people who are classified as autistic and come to a blog to write and clamor for bio-diversity are not speaking for those who are smearing poop on walls and eating dirt. You are speaking for those who have developed beyond this.

    Parents who see their children developing normally and then regress to not speaking and doing all sorts of strange things are driven to find their missing child(ren.)

    I am a mom to 2 ASD children. The first is not regressive, and she is defined as Asperger's. So likely she will some day argue for bio-diversity ;) My son - I am not sure if he regressed or not. It seems to me after a febrile seizure, his development ceased and he stayed stuck at 2.5 years old for a year.

    Now at 4, I see him making progress. Why? We have joined the bio-med "cult."

  36. The list of supplements you've pasted above does look sickening. I admit it! :) Please keep an open mind... the list looks something like the ingredients to "fortified bread" or "monster energy drink." Go ahead and read the ingredients to either of those, and you will see a list of "supplements." These are foods that "neurotypical" people consume on a regular basis, as part of the regular course of life. It is not voodoo or snake oil. Our govt endorses the fortification of sodium with iodine, for thyroid health. Our govt endorses the supplementation of vitamins A and D in *cow* milk (talk about snake oil LOL) Chow down on any WIC-approved cereal, it will have a load of vitamins supplemented in it.

    But no one balks at that. Because it's not in capsules.

  37. And what is the difference, pray tell, of hiding some fortification/vitamins in Tony the Tiger cereal, or "Total" or "Special K" or applesauce? (For those who do not know, applesauce is a wonderful conduit for bio-medical treatment, a la opened capsules hidden inside)

    Many of these bio-med children are on essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, probiotics and naturals antibiotics. "We" are forced to take pills separately to avoid the evil in our foods, such as high fructose corn syrup or GMOs. (Go ahead and ask for some scientific evidence that GMOs are worse for you than regular food. I have it. ( Science, trials, from the company who was trying to create a GMO product and their reasons for abandoning it.)

  38. SO, the things our children (I also give these things to myself) are getting are the SAME THINGS (or better versions) they would be getting if we allowed them to eat the standard american diet, minus the garbage. If I don't want my kids to continue to be polluted with non-organic vitamins, I have to supply more wholesome varieties. And unfortunately that means in separate capsules or tablets. I can't give them Flintstone's vitamins. They have artificial colors. These colors are manufactured from petroleum products. Yuk. My kids cannot handle certain vitamins, or certain natural flavors, due to allergies and food sensitivities. For instance, I can go up to Vitamin Shoppe and get one multivitamin that is organic, wholesome, etc... but it will contain berry flavor, something that will make my kids hyper (not active, but inattentive to anything and violent... not "bio-diversfully acceptable," but "lock up or medicate that person" because of violent outbursts) or the multi vitamin contains soy-derived vitamin e, and my son is allergic to soy.

    Additionally we have a metabolic mutation that is documented as a true concern (not some made up autism concern) MTHFR mutation, which causes our bodies to not adequately absorb folic acid properly. This mutation can lead to Spina Bifida and Down's Syndrome if not treated properly in women of child-bearing age, or even leading to infertility.... which if you have, sort of makes bio-diversity of offspring a moot point.

    MTHFR mutation requires either supplementation of massive amounts of folic acid OR the use of bio-available forms of folic acid and other vitamins in the methylation pathways. If you would like to read up on this is a nice site that touches on some possible health risks when the body's processes are handicapped.

  39. In any case, a child or adult affected with MTHFR will need to supplement in order to avoid pre-mature heart disease. I can celebrate my genetic differences all I want, but if I live to be 45 because my arteries clog up, due to inadequate vitamin metabolism, it's a short-lived celebration my friend.

    So we end up looking a little (a LOT) odd, what with the massive quantities of B vitamins, or the strangely named ones (co-enzymes or pre-cursors to the 'regular' vitamins) Names like P5P and benfotiamine and 5-mthf. WTH are these things?!

  40. Oh sorry, those are just bio-available forms or B6, B1, and folic acid. Us genetically different people SHOULD be taking these vitamins because we are not getting sufficient nourishment from the standard american diet.

    In fact, if you DO believe in the genetic variation of autism, perhaps you are eating a paleo diet? One that would be rich in B vitamins from meat and rich in other wonderful vitamins from RAW vegetables. Oh wait, you say you don't eat steak tartar and raw onions... oh so maybe you DO need vitamin supplements to help out your evolved genome.

  41. I know I sound sarcastic. :) Please understand, I too am affected with these genes that make me not-so-perfect at social communication. My children after all did inherit their ASD behaviors from somewhere. :)

    As for the probiotic supplementation... pasteurized milk from large dairy farm cows is deficient in the type of bacteria our evolving ancestors would have encountered from the raw milk of a pastured cow. Removing dairy from the ASD child is just removing another form of toxin... liquid artificial growth hormones and antibiotics and dead bacteria and pus in a tasty white drink... so you cannot even just buy acidophilus milk... I mean that is the same thing as the regular milk, except someone already opened up a capsule of probiotic and added it to the jug of milk before they sold it to the store. So in order to put the good bacteria in the gut of the ASD child or adult, one should supplement probiotics. True, you could buy some Dannon... but then AGAIN you are getting some artificial colors, flavors, what-not... if you want to make sure your own body is not getting toxins or your child is not getting these... you have to make your own yogurt, or open up a capsule. Some do actually make their own yogurt... I buy the capsule. ;)

    Zinc supplemented... why, because our world is polluted with too much copper and it has jacked up the balance in our bodies. Zinc has to be supplemented separately because a multi-vitamin (centrum or flintstones, not the specially formulated for ASD type) has copper in it. Our bodies do need copper but not too much. 5-htp... uh that is serotonin pre-cursor. Again, you can go ahead an be bio-diverse, but if you are killing yourself because your serotonin level is f-d up, short life. Or if you go and kill someone else in a violent rage because your neurotransmitter balance is off, you better have a great lawyer who will argue your bio-diverse right to have a neurotransmitter imbalanced-homicidal rage. Oh, 5-htp is the OTC gentle version of SSRIs like paxil and prozac. Yes my biodiverse fans, sometimes a mommy or daddy has got to give their raging 140 lb, non-verbal 9 yr old some 5htp to settle them down... because this violent person could harm them (the carriers of the bio-diverse DNA and therefore they too have a right to live!) or their own person, or other members of society... so in the interest of propagating the biodiverse genome, SOMEtimes we have to medicate an individual, to prevent injury or murder. I do not use 5htp myself, instead I use GABA (on myself and my genetic progeny) GABA helps us communicate in a civil manner. Screaming and throwing of objects to get points across has lost favor in the civilized world.

  42. I can continue to go down the lists of supplements/vits/amino acids you have copied and pasted... I can give you reasons and explanations for them all. I can even relate it to the benefit of bio-diversity... amino acids are a good thing. Generally obtained from meat. Free-range anti-biotic-free, non-GMO fed meat is hard to come by. Lab-created amino acids are probably a little better, at least WE can get away from the soy-infestation. (GMO soy and GMO corn fed to all non-organic livestock... organic policy says no organic meat should have been able to consume GMO feed.... THAT is why it is hard to come buy... as it is hard to prove that your neighbors Round-up ready soybean pollen did not float over and become food for your pasture-roaming beef cattle.)

    Please, go ahead and pretend to have a soy allergy for a week. Read every label. First, you will need to buy organic meat (to avoid the animal that has eaten GMO feed) You will have to avoid anything with "mixed tocopherols" as a preservative. That's soy-derived vitamin E. And lecithin, another soy-based preservative.

    You will have a hard time finding foods without soy, lecithin, or tocopherols in it. And you would certainly be hard pressed to find a multi-vitamin that didn't have soy.

    And then you would know why a person would need to supplement 40 individual vitamins just to get "a multi-vitamin" and non-GMO amino acids into their child...

    FWIW, all these vitamins have not "cured" my ASD kids... just made them healthy... not laying around sick, or trying to kill people, or screaming and biting. Still the same kids, with our bio-diverse auti genes... but not likely to be institutionalized (criminally or mentally!)

    Peace ya'll :) However you find it... in a pill bottle or blog. <3

  43. There is no need to waste time proving oneself to the non believers of the recovering autism community. The nonbelievers that have chosen to not take that route will have to accept one day that they did not look further into treatments that is reversing autism. They have chosed to not take that route with their child or even take the time and money to try that route. They have to answer every day when they look into their child's eyes and know they are coomfortable with their decision. I work with autistic children and I was once a skeptic and had the same judgements but then I watched child after child recover and leave me. The parents do not even tell the school that their child was once autistic and this is where the problem is with the studies. The families that are recovering their children are moving on with their lives. They are not coming back to prove recovering can work. They are protecting their children and never revealing the autism diagnosis. The large amount of supplements seems like a lot but do you think a child will care that he had to take so much to balance his immune system when he is no longer autistic and lives a normal life. I feel bad for the children where the parents are close minded and live in their comfort zone and avoid the hard work it takes to recover children. But those parents have to accept they what was best for their children. Pediatricians have those parents hearts by telling them there is no proven research. I can tell you I see it everyday there is proven research, children are recovering. So I hope the children start to have the parents heart and I am sure if a parents looks deep enough one can not question how other children are recovering and not feel quilty that another day passes without looking into it.

  44. If you actually read Jenny McCarthy's book or knew anything about autism, you would know that Jenny's son is also on B12 injections & most of these items listed under each child are probably combined into 2-3 supplements. There has been amazing improvement in children on gfcf diets & they have to take supplements in order to stay healthy on this type of diet. 70% of children on this diet show remarkable improvement...sometimes within a matter of days. Do some more research before you write an article!

  45. Joseph (writer of article), have you ever tried supplements along with gluten-free casein-free diet? I guarantee all these children are probably on that diet. If it could help you or your son, why not try it!? Just because somethings not proven doesn't mean it doesn't work. I am the mother of an autistic child & I would try everything possible!

  46. Wow! You are very negative. Bio med and all the supplements have helped my two autistic boys tremendously. So sorry you feel you have to doubt or throw your negative remarks toward something that has helped so many children that I know. You are probably employed by the pharmaceutical companies. You sound just like them. Anyway, I hope this never happens in your family, but if it does you would be trying anything and everything to help your child like we do.