Monday, April 27, 2009

Dr. Jay Gordon Caught Making Stuff Up?

Just when I thought I wouldn't encounter better examples of the intellectual bankrupcy of anti-vaxers, comes Dr. Jay Gordon, pediatrician to Jenny McCarthy's son, with the following anecdote:
I just saw an eight-month-old boy who got two vaccines then lost his language, motor skills, reaction to his own name and responsiveness to his 3 year old sister. This all happened three hours after a DPT/HIB combination. All previous observation and video of this little boy is normal. Lots of great video of a vibrant, talkative happy baby.

He has autism now. No proof, but the temporal proximity of the regression to his vaccines is daunting to those of us who would like more rigorous proof rather than just a collection of hundreds of pieces of anecdotal evidence. Tempting to assume causation even if only this one case/child.

Just thought you'd want to know. I usually see these kids in my office months or years after the event the parents think caused the problems. I have read hundreds of emails and spoken to thousands of parents who are certain that vaccines triggered or mightily contributed to their children's autism.

Not this time: This family came to my office just days after the vaccines, distraught that he was no longer talking, smiling, acknowledging his sister or his mom and dad and was flapping his hands a lot.

(Respectful Insolence - Comment)

Don't worry. I waited for confirmation from Orac before writing this post. Some people doubted that was actually Dr. Jay, but it is. Since he posted at 00:44 Pacific, there's some speculation he might have been drunk, but who knows.

That is monumentally absurd, isn't it?

First of all, who in the hell diagnosed an 8 month old with autism? That simply can't be done. Even an 18 month diagnosis is pushing the envelope.

Then we're supposed to believe an 8 month old "lost his language" and that this was noticed in a matter of 3 hours. Typically, 8 month old babies do not talk. This is completely normal.

In so far as responding to his own name, this is possible for an 8 month old. The "name test" is supposed to be done on the baby's first birthday, however (source).

Eight month old babies have little in the way of motor skills that they could noticeably lose, unless the baby becomes paralyzed or something like that. A baby of that age can't yet walk. He should be sitting by then. In any case, loss of motor skills is unrelated to autism, and in fact should be cause to consider explanations other than autism. If it was a really obvious loss of motor skills, I'd think the baby should be rushed to a hospital, but instead the parents decided to see Dr. Jay again in 3 days.

Enjoyment of play with other children should occur around the age of 2 years.

Hand flapping is entirely normal in infants, and it seems to me that, as a pediatrician, Dr. Jay should be aware of this. Plus, in order to hand-flap, the baby needs some motor skills.

The DTP vaccine is no longer used in the US. The DTaP vaccine is what is used. It's administered at 2, 4 and 6 months of age. Same with the Hib vaccine.

So what do we have here? Did Dr. Jay make it up completely? Perhaps this is a non-event that was blown out of proportion.

Now, I wonder, was this child vaccinated by Dr. Jay? If not, why would parents take a child with the apparent symptoms noted to a doctor who is not qualified to diagnose developmental disorders, in just 3 days? Then again, is it plausible that Dr. Jay would administer 2 vaccines in one visit?

I suppose that a pediatrician who scares parents about autism and discourages vaccination could cause them to notice things that are completely normal all of the sudden.


  1. This is excellent. I will point it out to Dr. Gordon.


    Shoot. I think Dr. Jay blocked me on twitter. I guess I'll have to check by hand.

    I can still appear in the @jaygordonmdfaap stream, however.

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  3. @Richard: Your comment borders on spam, and no, I'm not interested in sending it anywhere.

    FWIW, even some anti-vaxers, including John Best, consider Moulden a fraud.

  4. Eight month old babies have little in the way of motor skills that they could noticeably lose, ~

    Well, heck, they must have noticed a deterioration in penmanship...

  5. "FWIW, even some anti-vaxers, including John Best, consider Moulden a fraud."

    Yeh, but he had to be told that... apparenly!

    Seems he couldn't figure it out for himself.

  6. For those of you who haven't worked it out yet, Moulden is a politician trying to make money to run a campaign to achieve his political ambitions. That's the real reason why he sells stuff.

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