Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogger Shuts Down John Best?

Note: This post is about John Best Jr. from Hew Hampshire, owner of the Hating Autism blog, AKA Fore Sam. The name John Best is a fairly common name, evidently.

[UPDATE 2/18/2010: No such luck. His 3 blogs are back. John Best claims he showed Google "who they are messing with." It's probable that people have flagged his blog so much over time, that a Google employee decided to shut down his blogs, but I'm guessing it doesn't take much to get Google to unblock blogs.]

After years of blatantly violating Blogger's Content Policy, John Best's blog, Hating Autism, has apparently been shut down for good.

I guess it's all part of the Illuminati/BigPharma/Reptilian-Alien conspiracy to control the world's population through vaccines. First Wakefield, then John Best. Next thing you know, the FDA will be raiding the Geiers' house/clinic. One can only hope.

And John, don't even try to comment. I have not changed my comment policy, and as a matter of principle, I will delete your comments, simply because I've said I would. Managing the comments section of a blog with a stated comment policy is not censorship, despite what you'll no doubt contend. What AoA does, which basically consists of arbitrarily disapproving comments in a case by case basis might be closer to censorship, but even that isn't censorship, arguably. I'm sure you'll create a blog somewhere else, so you'll have a new platform for your views, questionable as many people think they are.