Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogger Shuts Down John Best?

Note: This post is about John Best Jr. from Hew Hampshire, owner of the Hating Autism blog, AKA Fore Sam. The name John Best is a fairly common name, evidently.

[UPDATE 2/18/2010: No such luck. His 3 blogs are back. John Best claims he showed Google "who they are messing with." It's probable that people have flagged his blog so much over time, that a Google employee decided to shut down his blogs, but I'm guessing it doesn't take much to get Google to unblock blogs.]

After years of blatantly violating Blogger's Content Policy, John Best's blog, Hating Autism, has apparently been shut down for good.

I guess it's all part of the Illuminati/BigPharma/Reptilian-Alien conspiracy to control the world's population through vaccines. First Wakefield, then John Best. Next thing you know, the FDA will be raiding the Geiers' house/clinic. One can only hope.

And John, don't even try to comment. I have not changed my comment policy, and as a matter of principle, I will delete your comments, simply because I've said I would. Managing the comments section of a blog with a stated comment policy is not censorship, despite what you'll no doubt contend. What AoA does, which basically consists of arbitrarily disapproving comments in a case by case basis might be closer to censorship, but even that isn't censorship, arguably. I'm sure you'll create a blog somewhere else, so you'll have a new platform for your views, questionable as many people think they are.


  1. Joseph assuming you don't delete my posts along with Best's you might be interested in reading my take of the whole thing in my latest post on autism's gadfly, where I expose Google's double standards regarding Best's blog versus a certain neurodiversity blogger as well as the hub's (of which you are a member) hypocrisy and double standards concerning Best's behavior

  2. @Jon: If I haven't made it clear enough, I simply do not delete comments, except those that violate Blogger's Content Policy (the vast majority of said comments being spam) and comments posted by John Best. That's exactly the extent of the "moderation" in this blog.

    And no, I don't think there's any double standard in the part of Google. You're comparing apples and hurricanes.

  3. I would think that the biomed movement would be the most relieved that John Best's blog came down.

    Other than evidence that the biomed movement has their embarrassing participants, what difference does he make? Does anyone actually read it?

    There was one value to his blog--monitoring when it was possible that his kid was in danger.

  4. One can only wish.

    It was probably a glitch in Blogger's system

  5. And alas, people, John Best is at it again. I typed in the URL and found his blog up. In short, don't celebrate this soon.

  6. I have updated the post. I don't think it was a glitch, since all his 3 blogs were shut down momentarily. It almost certainly had to have been the result of blog flagging.

  7. Joseph! We need your help over here! Please do something!

  8. we should be so fucking lucky... google are too greedy for advertising money that the terms of service get chucked out of the equation when money looks like getting lost.

    nice folk, eh?

  9. Best's blog is now behind a caution curtain.

    Content Warning

    Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

  10. Figures. Nothing is going to stop that man from spewing his hate. I would however suggest this. Everyone on the hub stop posting any of his comments.

    Don't give him any opportunity to spout his nonsense here or anywhere else on the hub. If he wants to spread his lies, let him do it from his own blog!

    Let us no longer allow his poison be spread to innocent bloggers who are looking for help and fellowship. And perhaps such an act would cause less trafic at his own blog.


  11. There are no double standards, Mitchell.

    And I can tell you all that the two blogs in my name (that's right there were two) are now read only. That indicates that he may well have been served with the Writ.

    That's right - I'm suing Best.

    The only way to get the details is to join my forum. Theo is already a member as is Cube Angel.

  12. Jonathan, I'm not going to bother reading about what you perceive as a double-standard on Google since your views are well-known about neurodiversity. That said, I read your post about John Best from last year and this stood out:

    I really wonder how any follower of neurodiversity can reconcile this. They should either acknowledge at least the possibility that Best is somewhere on the spectrum and accept him, not insult him, allow him to post in their blogs or perhaps they should re-examine some of the cognitive dissonance of their own philosophy.

    Now how shall I put this, oh yes, being an asshole on the spectrum does not make you immune to criticism. He espouses hate towards autists and treats his own child as damaged goods.

    If he should decide to recant his philosophy and make some apologies, I have no doubt that he would find welcome amongst those that he has chosen to vilify. As long as he chooses to spew his vitriol and threats against people with who he doesn't agree with, then what do you expect?

  13. Another commenter over at the old John Best post made the same argument. Here's the thing. Acceptance doesn't mean it's OK to let someone do anything they want. Do you think that's how we raise our kids?

  14. Hello friends -

    "Told Google who they were up against."


    OK. How about we write a program to crawl his blog and determine how many idiotic and / or hateful statements are on a post. Then, feed that number into an algorithm to determine how many hijacked zombie bot servers deny him service. More hate == more zombies. How come no Aspie programmers out there haven't written this program yet?

    Sullivan is right, the guy does no one any good.

    Of course, I am not encouraging anyone to break the law.

    - pD

  15. Hello friends -

    Oh wait, I hope I didn't just break the Google standards for a blog post! Now that would be ironic.

    - pD

  16. Spam!

    If he should decide to recant his philosophy and make some apologies, I have no doubt that he would find welcome amongst those that he has chosen to vilify.

    If I have anything to do with it, he won't have a choice when it comes to apologies! And taking down his filthy blogs for good - if he wants to avoid the court room. And his You Tube videos as well and closing his account there. Those are my out of court settlement terms. Which I doubt he'll agree to because he's such a stubborn mule.

  17. I'm glad I stopped posting on John Best's blog long ago, knowing that when you keep fighting with people like him, it only feeds him more hatred. It looks like recently, he has not received many comments from anyone on his posts. We should keep it that way; perhaps he will realize that nobody cares what he thinks!

    It's like the Judge Rotenburg Center. People have tried closing down that prison for years, yet a small group of crazy parents keep insisting that shock treatment is very effective.

    Likewise, there is a small group of folks who think John Best cannot be blamed for his attitude. He is like a jellyfish--the more you try to eliminate him and his stinging crew, he will only try making his crew even bigger by commenting on more videos (and try to find more people who agree with him). Not to mention, he also defecates out his mouth through a U-shaped gut and has no brain :D

    For those not familiar, there is a jellyfish explosion taking place in the sea, and several people are trying to diminish the population by chopping up bodies and dumping them back into the ocean. When jellyfish die, their bodies release all the gametes they have to make sure their species survive.So by throwing their shredded corpses back into the ocean, they are adding swarms of gametes and therefore helping to create more jellyfish larvae.

  18. Another John Best3/11/2010 11:29 AM

    Hey, I think this 'John Best Jr.' charachter is a creep, but it turns out that my name is John Best too! Please, I cannot argue with the anti-autism John Best to stop ruining my name, but if you folks have any compassion at all, please, please ignore the jerk, and stop using the name. I support science and research and education and am a contributor to society, and when I google 'John Best', this blog pops up number one. Please at the very least, use his full middle name? Thank You, John Best (a good one, like most of us)

  19. I knew nothing of this debate until I googled my name.....Lo and behold, this blog pops up at number one. So I had to google neurodiversity.
    Neurodiversity is as intuitive and observable as fact. No two brains are alike, as are no two retina's or fingerprints. Given any understanding whatever of variation in populations, genetics, general biological diversity, etc, how can anyone possibly deny neurodiversity? The only explanation I can offer is that there are ideological/political, i.e. non-scientific motivations for arguing against neurodiversity. Neurodiversity is merely a form of biodiversity.
    Regards All, from The REAL John Best, from State College, PA, not the one who's blog was shut down.

  20. Greetings, John W. Best. Sorry that you have an evil twin, but don't worry. The name is actually quite common. We usually refer to this guy by his screen name Foresam, but sometimes we do slip into using his real name. On numerous occasions he has posted our full names!

    You are right about the neurodiversity controversy--it is all rooted from its ideological interpretation. Different people require different forms of accommodation, rather than to be pushed to function under a one-size-fits-all model. Just by common sense, we know that self-injury needs to be ceased and that it is important to use an understandable mean of communication. Some conditions are very complex. Therefore, it is difficult to find an appropriate method of therapy that could successfully progress the individual. This is why many parents want cures; it is a shortcut.

  21. To the two John Bests, look he can not be ignored. He is extremely dangerous and a serious threat to the Autistic Community and will try to destroy the names of his enemies. I am suing him for smearing mine as an example. He appears to have blanketed a poor 17 yo Aspie with his cult like belief in mercury poisoning, and that is scary to say the least.

  22. Hi i am Gavin Pedley, i have created a Autism Awareness video and would love it if you could post this on your site for April Autism awareness month?
    Autism effects me both at home and at works as i have a son with Autism and also have worked in the field for over 5 years.
    I would be very great full if you could post my video

    Kind regards
    Gavin Pedley

  23. Joseph, could you post your email address on one of my blogs (they are all in comment moderation) so I can ask a favour privately? Thanks. I won't publish the email of course.

  24. Joseph, sorry to press this but I do need your help with that favour.

  25. In the latest from John Best, he whines about:

    /a/ how his chelation-doctor will no longer help him defend (in court) the alleged necessity of his treatments,


    /b/ how this doctor's change of mind is likely to soon make Mr. Best lose custody of his son to his wife, who for nine years has strongly opposed (and has done her best to end) Best's actions with regard to their son.

    See for yourself at -- let's hope that Best, for once, is telling the truth.

  26. I enjoy your blog. How long have you had it?

  27. @Halley: Since 2006, on and off.

  28. Thanks for replying to my comment. I am working on a paper for my Media Relations class for my masters class I am in the Public Relations program. We pick a topic of interest and I want to work for non profits that help children.

    Why do you think blogs exist?

    Are you writing on this blog things you thought you would be writing when you started the blog a year ago?

    How do you feel about all the new social media?

    Thanks so much for your information you are helping so much and again I really enjoy reading your blog.

  29. @Halley: There are many ways to answer that question. One reason why blogs exist is that they are easier to update than traditional static websites. They allow comments and so forth.

    The reason why people create blogs is so that they can easily write about their experiences and ideas, where in the past this would've been a lot more difficult.

    For someone who wants to post data, analyses and results, and who doesn't have an affiliation or funding, and who has an unrelated day job, a blog is a good venue too, though one with obvious imperfections.

    When I started blogging 4 years ago, my focus and approach was different, yes.

  30. Sounds like John Best is getting just the attention he craves.

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  32. Jiheishou Daigakusha9/11/2010 5:05 PM

    What's the definition of John Best again? Oh, that's right - hatetard!