Friday, July 09, 2010

Comment Spam at Blogger Getting Out of Hand

I've changed my comment policy slightly. I'm enabling comment moderation in posts that are older than 365 days.

This morning I got spammed in a way I've never been spammed before. A spam-bot with the handle xiaoyu posted the same comment spam in what appears to be each and every one of my blog posts.

It's a shame that Blogger doesn't have a good way to deal with comment spam. Their captcha obviously isn't working very well. Unfortunately, I don't believe spam-filtering is a breeze in other platforms either.


  1. For some reason I've been getting tides of spam for a certain brand's products.

    I leave some old posts open because people still come by to comment.

    I use typepad -- it's pretty good about catching spam comments. If I put the brand name into the spam filter it'd stop but unfortunately the brand name is also appropriate to use generally so I'm stuck there.

  2. You really need to come back to your blog! Your posts are great! I found your blog the same day I found, Thank God. If it wasn't for your blog and others like it, I probably would have succumbed to the lies from so Please start posting again!

  3. I agree with Shannon! Please start posting again! I've read all your archive posts and I find your research and writing very educational. Thank you!

  4. My blog was wordpress & pretty good with filtering but I have switched to blogger because it's so much more versatile in every other aspect.

  5. I like how smart the spam bots have gotten too. Where they start using your name and the blog title.

    ie. "Hi John Smith.. I really found your post about Spambotslikeme interesting. I have a blog about carpet cleaning you might enjoy."

    At least they ALMOST look personal.

  6. Surely there's something that can be done about the spambots. I found your post interesting and agree with the others: Keep it up. Wordpress does have a lot of options for blocking spam posters.