Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thought Screen Helmet Creator Michael Menkin Honors Us With His Visit

Readers might recall I recently wrote about Michael Menkin's Thought Screen Helmet, which is generally used by some people to try to prevent alien telepathic mind control. Well, some people have been using it on autistic children and they have observed, as you might expect, amazing results!

Now, Michael Menkin, the man himself, has honored us with his presence right here on the Natural Variation blog. Isn't that cool? He posted the following message.

As of September 2007 several autistic children have improved by wearing hats with velostat. One girl is now in a normal school and doing well. Here brother has improved markedly and now excels in math. His mother wants me to put the children's records on a website. Another girl who could not speak began speaking after wearing the hat for three months. She is speaking better in 2007 and still wears a hat. If you have more questions please contact Michael Menkin at

I have many readers who are parents of autistic children, so I thought they might be interested in this. After all, these testimonials sound just as convincing as those of popular interventions, such as Chelation Therapy, MB-12 and the GFCF diet. Come on. Who are we to doubt them?


  1. I think Michael Menkin has a lot more crediblity than Rashid Buttar, Jeff Bradstreet, Brian Jepson, Marvin Boris, Kenneth Stoller or James Neubrander (to name a few of the DAN! type vultures ripping off parents with quack therapies).

    Michael Menkin isn't trying to get rich off of his testimonials. I do wonder about air circulation on the head of kids who wear these things, I'd think they'd get major helmet head. Do they wear them to school? I'm guessing they don't.

  2. Definitely more credibility than the Geiers at the very least. And it's true he's just giving instructions on how to build the helmets, hoping it catches on. He's not asking for money, at least not yet.

  3. I love his website, VERY entertaining.

    "I have been abducted by aliens for years and found by a happy coincidence.

    The Thought Screen Helmet,
    invented by an expert, has
    stopped the unwelcome visitations and has raised me and my family`s quality of life. Therefore I highly
    recommend it."

  4. That's nothing. Get this.

    Since we are being invaded by an alien force from another world, we have a different kind of war. Our war with these beings is one of mind control, mind scan, and telepathic control, as reported by Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and Raymond Fowler. I call this type of conflict "telepathic war" to differentiate if from a "technology war." A "telepathic war" uses telepathy as a weapon in addition to the machines of a "technology war." Until now, the creatures abducting us could do so at will: they could "switch off" people or render them powerless, manipulate people's thoughts and cause them to move against their will, project mental images to us, masquerade as a friendly or sexually attractive human, and scan our entire minds.

  5. /sarcasm ON

    I wonder if the first words the little girl spoke were 'Can I take this Unsightly hat off Mom and Dad?, It really looks geeky and doesn't feel very comfortable either!'

    /sarcasm OFF

  6. Wow, there's even instructions on how to make your own!  I wonder how many of those we'll see on the catwalk of Milan come Spring, eh?

    :::shakes head::: Wonders never cease.

  7. I still want to see EEGs.

    Perhaps SPECT or PET scans too...but definately EEGs...

  8. joseph, you are forgetting the intervention of choice i went through in the late 1950's, psychoanalysis. When my speech recovered my psychoanalysis took complete credit, so that is another intervention

  9. Psychoanalysis is one of those things that was mainstream at one time even though it didn't have enough of a scientific foundation. I'd dare suggest ABA is the same thing in our day.

  10. If the helmet works, how come Kathleen hasn't started assassinating this guy's character?

  11. John: I almost couldn't guess that was you.

  12. He's reading your thoughts John. Best get a helmet and start a hating abduction blog.

  13. Michael Menkin9/20/2007 6:32 PM

    Learning that hats lined with velostat helped autistic children was an act of serendipity. It was an accident. The effect of the hat on children should really be divorced from alien abductions. That will be a difficult aspect to work around as I get more children to try the hat.

    There are several aspects of the hat and autistic children that must be considered. 1. The effect of the hat only happens over time. There is no instant change. The hat must be worn at least every night for at least 3 months before a change is realized. It's a very slow process. 2. The hat must be worn every night to be effective. Now and then won't work. 3. Once the effect of the hat starts working, it keeps working. It helps children return to normal behavior as well as mental processes. Successful parents train their children over time to wear the hat.
    Not every child can be trained to wear the hat. The parent has to put out an effort to have the child wear the hat. It is an ongoing effort. 4. The actual process is unknown. I believe the velostat increases electrical conductivity around the brain, but I don't have any data. I only have a theory. What has happened here is that I have made some kind of medical discovery about brain function. It will take much more research to understand it. I call the healing function of the hat, "The Riland Effect" which is named after my grandfather, Chester Riland, who was a doctor.
    The most remarkable case with the hat was a mute girl in Ohio. After wearing the hat every night and most of the day for over three months, she started to speak. I also made her a woman's hat lined with velostat to wear during the day.
    It takes me between two and six hours to make each hat. I give them away for free to people who want to try them.
    I've also had failures with autistic children because the parents could not get them to wear the hat for any length of time. You really have to work with your child to wear the hat every night. Depending on the type of hat, they cost me between $10 and $30 including Velostat.
    My next effort will be to make ten hats and contact the University of Washington Autism Center to see if I can get some real data and scientists to work with. I was a publications editor in the medical school at the University of Washington in the late 1960's. I was also a public relations writer for the medical research division of the University of California's Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the 1970's. I've found that I really need to work with people close by to get their children to wear the hats. Some parents who are out of state gave up trying to get their children to wear the hats and no longer contact me.
    I've taken some effort to convince people that I have something real: I give away the hats, I don't make promises or what I consider outlandish claims, I tell them that the hat takes a long time to work and both the parent and the child have to put out an effort to wear it. Nothing happens over night with the hat. Some skeptics are confused about that. So my next move, providing I find the time to do it, is to work with the local University of Washington autism center in Seattle and get some real data, otherwise I am wasting my time. I still work on alien abductions as well, although I have to divorce autism from it.
    Joni Strother is so happy with the improvement in her children from the hat that she wants to put information from the chidren's counselor on a separate website.
    I would appreciate any positive advice as to how I can get some hard data and substantiate my claim of helping autistic children. You can email me at or I can email you my phone number if you would like to call me.
    Another drawback of the hat is that it is too hot to wear in the summer. The velostat acts as an insulator and could cause heat stroke so I advise that it should not be worn when temperatures are over 80 degrees F.
    One of the problems in this venture is that making hats with velostat is very time consuming. I am making what I call fifth generation hats which are not on either of my websites. Each hat takes most of a day to make. To make enough hats for the University of Washington Autism center I need to take off at least a whole week to do it, which I can't do now. I'm a contract technical writer at the Boeing Commerical Airplane Company and have no benefits and less than average pay.
    Joni Strother will be happy to talk with any professional about the progress of her children with the hats. I don't think the man with the previously mute daughter will talk to what he feels is a stranger. If you want to call me or email me I will answer you the best I can. It would be wonderful if we could find a way to help thousands of children. Thanks for posting this. Michael Menkin

  14. Michael,
    Do you think your hats could help me do a better job of picking trifectas?

  15. I had a neurologist at UW.

    They aren't going to go for this. On a personal level I'm interested in seeing what the ACTUAL difference is (better sleep? blissful silence? Pressure about the head? getting rid of some of that nasty background noise so speech is clearer?) but University of Washington is hard to get to see, like, patients who have stuff they really deal with. They are very much unlikely to look at your magic hat without real data (not testimonials) to back it up FIRST.

  16. What has happened here is that I have made some kind of medical discovery about brain function.

    No Mr. Menkin. You did not discover anything of the sort, any more than you discovered the hat could prevent alien thought control. What has happened here is that you discovered placebo effects in autism. Anything from water to vitamins to exorcism will have a placebo effect in autism.

    I you want real data you have to set up a double-blind test. Seems like a waste of time, and difficult, but I guess if you can create a hat not made with velostat that is indistinguishable from a velostat hat, you can do a double-blind experiment.

    I can guarantee you one thing though. Make your site focus on autism and see your traffic go through the roof.

  17. Velostat has an interesting property which causes it's resistance to change with mechanical deformation. The mere act of bending it while it's connected it to DVM will provide the "signal" Menkin shows as proof of alien thought control.

    Here's an experiment, measure galvanic activity on both side of a potato skin (raw, not stuffed) Now, have you ever read about a potato being abducted by aliens? No. Of course not. therefore, potato skins are natural thought blocking barriers.

  18. Michael Menkin9/21/2007 11:42 AM

    I used to work at the University of Washington and have some contacts there. As I said in my post, my next move is to try to work with the autism center. If I am successful eventually I will publish in a good journal. I used to edit medical articles in learned journals.

    The hat has definitely helped several children, so much that I will pursue it. I'm not going to argue with you.

    You've never talked to the parents of the children nor have you seen the chidlren's records. Who are you to say what I have not done and what I have done.

    If I make progress in five years I will get back to you.

    I used to work in the department of physiology and biophysics and still have some contacts there.

    Michael Menkin

  19. You've never talked to the parents of the children nor have you seen the chidlren's records. Who are you to say what I have not done and what I have done.

    Welcome to the world of autism quackery, Michael. You just made the same exact argument all autism quacks make (and they'd probably argue your stuff is real quackery).

  20. Michael,
    Maybe you can make little helmets for the little head so people won't need viagra.
    I want part of the profits for giving you the idea.

  21. John: Michael's assertions regarding how the kids are improving with the hat sound a lot more convincing than anything you can come up with for chelation therapy. You better wake up man. Before you know it, that will be the therapy everyone's talking about. Better yet, adapt, and change your blog to "Hating Abductions". Sue the government for covering up Roswell and giving the kids autism.

  22. Michael Menkin10/01/2007 8:50 PM

    I thought you would actually be interested in some preliminary results I found, but you are not. I stated that I did want to make actual scientific tests before I came to any real conclusions. I also stated that I don't sell anything to anybody and don't make claims of cures, just findings on several children. The results I have had are enought to warrent more effort in the area. What I have I feel warrents more research.

  23. Michael Menkin10/01/2007 9:00 PM

    Comment on what is not quackery from Stephen Barrett, MD of Wuackwatch.
    "Unproven methods are not necessarily quackery. Those consistent with established scientific concepts may be considered experimental. Legitimate researchers and practitioners do not promote unproven procedures in the marketplace but engage in responsible, properly-designed studies." This is my position. I'm strictly nonprofit.

  24. You can go and do your research. Meanwhile, since you don't have any real controlled data, there's absolutely no reason for me to take you seriously. It's the same thing I say to peddlers of any unproven treatments, regardless of how many testimonials or anecdotes they might have.

    Note that if you start promoting this as a way to treat autism, even if you're not collecting money, before you have any real data, then it will be quackery, and we'll call you on it.

  25. Michael Menkin10/02/2007 6:43 PM

    Thank you for your comment. I will be careful in what I do and say. As I stated previously, my next move is to contact reputable people in the autism field and try to get some real scientific testing of the hats.

    I am genuinely interested in making a contribution to medical science with the hat and neurological disorders. My background attests to that: I worked at the University of Washington Medical School, The University of California San Francisco Medical Center at Mount Zion, The medical division of the University of California’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and American Emergency Medical Services in Santa Monica, California.

  26. I can tell you that the Velostat only reacts to a very close EMF and it would be very very close to get these sort of readings on stop alien abductions, for what I see that is impossible, there is some kind of external source the velostat material is picking up, so the material is getting hit by waves and the readings on the display tell you how much electrical resistance the material is coping with.

  27. Due the experiences with the thought screen helmet sent by Michael Menkin, I decided to test the Velostat material with a fluke meter by chance, I hooked the meter up to the material and I got a reading from it, the reading was quite high so I decide to investigate it and look into it further, I emailed Michael around about january 2007 with the results, I could only speculate at the time that is was some sort of electrical resistance alteration due to being located by the aliens, when I kept getting the results, I sent photos of the thought screen helmet connected up to the meter, the results were astounding. It was the first time anything had been carried out on any material that has recieved a transmision from an extrateresstrial power, my conclusion is that this has to be some kind of microwave pulse send to the material in order to penetrate it, shocking the discovery is and shocking as it is today, I still get those type of readings.

    I still don't know what it is, the material resistance has increased in OHMs, all the readings are different and have a different charge.

  28. I have used the helmet lined with velostat. I have been mercury toxic but am much better now after years of detoxing using different methods. I have also had the experiences with the aliens and was abducted back in 1998. The velostat has worked very well for me. I no longer where the hats but my home is lined with layers of velostat that is grounded to grounding rods. It has a fantastic effect not just on the mind but also on the body. One alien named Ptaah has said that high frequencies that we are putting into the atmosphere cause much of our illnesses. I have been testing this to see if it is true. If I live a very long life it may be due in part to the many layers of velostat that protect me inside my home.

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