Friday, April 04, 2008

Clifford Shoemaker, What a Dick, Plus Other Views

I've decided to interrupt this blog's hiatus to bring you an important message; one that is actually uncharacteristic for this blog. And that is this: Clifford Shoemaker is a dick-face. In my opinion, that is.

Now let's go over select opinions on the matter around the blogsphere.

Pooflingers Anonymous in Another Day, Another Gasket...
For shitbag lawyer Clifford Shoemaker: grow the fuck up and stop being a fucking thug... or eat a big, steaming pile of my favorite dish. I prefer "grow up", but it's your damned choice.

Letting Off Steam in We Are All Kathleen Seidel
Obviously the American anti-vaccination brigade cannot abide the fact that their arguments are being countered anywhere at all and are seeking to tie Ms Siedel up in legal knots.

Rev. BigDumbChimp in Anti-Vaccination Parents stoop to new lows
As many around the blogosphere have noted, there doesn't seem to be any supportable reason for this subpoena other than being a fishing expedition to try and flush out some paranoid fantasy of the Sykes that Ms. Siedel is an agent of Big Pharma or the government and/or to try and intimidate her into silence.

Pharyngula in Attempted suppression of Seidel
My sympathy is limited, however, by the fact that are lashing out seeking to blame someone, have bought into the thimerosal hysteria, have hired a bottom-feeding shyster to sue various pharmaceutical companies, and said unethical ambulance-chaser is now using the power of the subpoena to harrass and intimidate bloggers who aren't at all involved in the case, but have simply written about the absence of a thimerosal-autism link.

Whose Planet is it Anyway? in Clifford J. Shoemaker and Lisa Sykes: Putrid Lawyering
The next thing you know, they'll be wanting us to appear personally in court to prove that we don't have green tentacles. (Note to self: after returning from secret meeting aboard flying saucer, inspect blog sidebar picture carefully to make sure all tentacles have been completely edited out.)

Popehat in Vaccine-Litigant Thuggery: Subpoenaed For Blogging
Mr. Shoemaker, shame on you. You bullying is contemptible, and if there is any justice in this situation, you will get your critic-intimidating, oversensitive ass handed to you in the motion to quash.

The Voyage in Neurodiversity Blogger Unfairly Subpoenaed
Why would they want a judge (or whomever is responsible for deciding on these matters) to read all of Kathleen's work which shows their claim for what it truly is. She also details Sykes' involvement in the Griers IRB which approved their "research" on chemical castration agent, Lupron, as one of the cornucopia of supposed treatments foisted on autistic children, among them, the son of Rev. Sykes.

Crux of the Matter in Blogger on autism hit with subpoena
Given this incident, however, I would have to say there appears to be more to this whole anti-vaccine matter than meets the eye. In fact, all the subpoena has done is question the motivation behind the intimidation directed at Seidel personally. I mean, requesting personal bank records is way over the top. While I don’t necessarily agree with Seidel’s point of view on all matters, she does bring up some excellent points and I recommend readers take the time to read some of her writings.

Pure Pedantry in Autism cranks attempt to intimidate blogger by subpoena
However, if you are determined to advocate that point of view, let me advise against acting like malicious thugs. That is exactly what this is. It is a flagrant attempt to silence free speech. It is a flagrant attempt to silence the free press. It is a flagrant attempt to silence good science with fear and litigation.

GM/WM in Evidence of Slime
Shoemaker and Sykes (if I understand the subpoena correctly) are trying to figure out if Kathleen is being led around by and paid by shadowy figures who feed her information and direct her to persecute Lisa Sykes for her religion and parenting skills or something.

Autista in Rediculous
If the judge allows the subpoena, then no one will be able to blog freely on any subject. We will all be afraid that everything from our tax returns to our church attendance will be on trial if someone launches a civil action that has some connection to the topic we are discussing.

Law And More in Olson's Trumpet - Blogosphere Unites Behind Kathleen Seidel
This is the most important legal and ethical story in the blogosphere since outed Monicagate. Hourly, we are checking in on the latest developments.

Respectful Insolence in More legal thuggery, this time against
A common characteristic of cranks and denialists, be they antivaccinationists or large corporations or whatever, is an intolerance of criticism for their views. All too frequently, this has taken the form of the abuse of the legal system in order to try to silence their opponents... Mr. Shoemaker is a despicable scum-sucking piece of excrement.

Overlawyered in Vaccine lawyer subpoenas Kathleen Seidel
Instead, the first phrase that occurred to me on looking through the subpoena was "fishing expedition", and the second was "intimidation". Several clauses indicate that Shoemaker is hoping to turn up evidence that Seidel has accepted support from the federal government, or from vaccine makers, which she says she hasn't.


  1. Well, I don't use what my dad called "barroom language" on my blog, but that Shoemaker is living up to the stereotypes about lawyers.

    I am one of the 100+ bloggers mentioned in item 5 of the subpoena.

    I am keeping a running list of responses to the Seidel subpoena at I Speak of Dreams. I've added your blog.

  2. I still wonder what Jesus would do, since Lisa is a minister and all...

    If they can bring religion in it, it's just defense, right?

  3. Thank you, Mr Shoemaker!!!

  4. I'm sure that with all the Streisand Effect stuff that Shoemaker is experiencing right now, having the support of a stand up guy such as Foresam (John Best) is something he'll find very helpful.

  5. Joe,
    Maybe he could throw in a libel suit for me against you while he's in the neighborhood.

  6. John, once again you show yourself to be a true class act among fucking assholes. I'd doff my cap, but I'm afraid it'd get covered in shyte.

  7. I kind of like this uncharacteristic baring of your teeth! And if there was ever cause for it, this is it. Shoemaker, Sykes, and the whole sorry brigade clearly have no shame, nor any connection to the reality-based universe.

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  9. "I'd doff my cap, but I'm afraid it'd get covered in shyte."


    Maybe JBJr and the lawyer could set up a practice together...

    Pest & Shitmaker, Ambulance Chasers.

  10. David, Are you jealous that you weren't named as a co-lunatic? Maybe Mr Shoemaker saw the picture of the pending psychologist and took pity on you.

  11. John: Why don't you ask Mr. Shoemaker if he'd be interested in representing you and let us know what the answer was?

  12. Joe,
    If I decided to sue you, I might have to stop writing about what a bunch of scumbags neuroinsanity is composed of. I wouldn't want to deprive the world of that knowledge.

  13. "David, Are you jealous that you weren't named as a co-lunatic? Maybe Mr Shoemaker saw the picture of the pending psychologist and took pity on you."

    I'd laugh if I thought you were being funny, but I realise that your comment is about the best level of commenting you can do: loose bowel movement.

    You and Shitmaker really should set up in business together. The world has needed a good comedy pair to laugh at ever since Laurel and Hardy finished.

  14. Sanity Pending,
    If I wanted to do comedy, I could never top you and Baggs.
    Maybe the two of you should team up. She can play her flute and sing while you play guitar and scare babies with your Aqualungesque appearance. I don't know though. She might be better at scaring babies.

  15. "I don't know though."

    t-h-o-u-g-h? That how you spell 'shite', John?

  16. What? Still using one of your many pseudonym accounts after demanding that respondents on your own vile pile of excrement blog quit obscuring their identity FS?

    Surely you cannot think anyone would even be able to hear your inane pseudonymous requests.